NY baby show 2016 The NY Baby Show does a great job showcasing the best products and services to parents during all stages of pregnancy to parenthood.  (Kudos to New York Family for putting this together each year!)  And contrary to what the event title may lead you to believe, it’s still valuable to those of us parents who have outgrown the infancy stage and have graduated into toddlerhood.  My husband and I gained valuable information at life insurance, as well as estate planning/ trust (legal aid) booths for example in addition to being able to test-drive, taste-test, and try out various products still relevant to our 3 year old (and us).

new york baby show, biggest baby show, ny baby show review, new york family event With fun pit stops along the way like meeting Snoopy, balloon making and face-painting, little Juliet was also happy to explore with us.

ny baby show review

My Top 3 Picks from the Baby Show this year include:

  1. GB Pockit Stroller ($249.99).  At just 9.5lbs, this game-changing stroller, was named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s smallest folded stroller.” And small it IS!  It’s the size of my diaper bag and fits underneath an airline seat!  City dwellers who commute by taxi, bus and subway are going to LOVE this!  Us NY-ers know what a pain it is having to trek up and down subway stairs with baby, diaper bag and heavy stroller.  Even though we already have 3 strollers we were tempted to buy this on the spot!! gb pockit, world's smallest stroller
  2.  Kidpass ($49/month).  You’ve heard of Classpass, the global class pass that lets you exercise at various gyms?  Well this is a class pass for kids’ classes.  And it’s genius because finally you have access to all these amazing indoor play spaces and exclusive classes that normally you’d have to pay a membership fee for.  Classes.  Events. Camps.  Juliet and I are definitely trying this out!  What a fun way to explore the city!  What’s more, YOU can get $30 off your first month simply by entering ‘fabgab’ as your promo code!ny baby show top picks
  3. Hatch Things Sure Shop ($15.95).  Anyone who owns an umbrella stroller has had it tip over at one time or another.  Toddler jumps out, and embarrassingly, everything tips over including the contents of your diaper or grocery bag.  Sure Shop prevents those spills by redistributing weight towards the stroller’s center of gravity while also preventing bag-drag.  Perhaps best of all, it folds up compactly into a tiny pocket making it the perfect travel accessory!  It comes in 6 colors and I was lucky enough to have been gifted one as part of the blogger goody bag!

A special thank you goes out to MomTrends who provided a complimentary family ticket,free babysitting services, and an exclusive blogger lounge for us to retreat into, fuel up and enjoy mini-massages.  Who can refuse that??

ny baby show 2016

It was fun connecting with fellow bloggers and taking home the aforementioned goody bag!

ny baby show 2016, ny baby show blogger

What are your thoughts?  Let me know what your favorite baby products of 2016 are!

Thanks for reading and make sure to follow us @fabgabblog on IG for daily inspiration, outfits and more snippets from our personal life.

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Yay! I am proud to announce FabGabBlog was nominated for a Liebster Award. And I’m here to say that I accept it.  (It’s a blogging network award where bloggers nominate one another and if a nominee accepts, they win the award and just has to continue the chain).  Thank you Purest Home for the nomination.

liebster award

The rules for the award are simple:

Thank the blogger that nominated you. Share the award on your blog and social media. (check and check!)  Answer the ten questions you were given by your nominator.  Nominate other new bloggers that you admire.  Notify your nominees via social media.  (see below)


OK so here goes, I was asked to answer the following questions:

1. What is your blog about? FabGabBlog offers fabulous inspiration for girly glam style and covers lifestyle topics such as fashion, decor and events.

2. Why did you start blogging?  I believe in celebrating the every day in style and enjoy sharing my ideas and inspiration as my creative outlet.

3. What is the thing you find most interesting about yourself?  I’m a mix of so many contradictions.  It’s hard to pigeonhole me.

4. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? extrovert

5. What do you do to unwind after a stressful day? eat chocolate, veg in front of the TV if my toddler is asleep and get a massage

6. Coffee, tea, or something else? coffee please!

7. When did you start blogging? I started blogging over 5 years ago but I’ve only recently been able to give it the attention it deserves.

8. What are your favorite apps, websites, or forms of social media to help your blog? I’m very visual and so love Instagram and can waste countless hours on Pinterest.  You can follow me @fabgabblog there as well as on FB and Twitter.

9. What is one interesting thing about your hometown? Madonna came from the same home town (in MI).

10. Do you prefer movies or reading, and what is your favorite title?  If reading other people’s blogs count, I’ll choose that because I hardly have time for a 2hour+ movie these days.


Now onto my nominations!  I nominate:

Congratulations! Please answer these questions in your post, so we can get a better idea about who you are:

  1.  What is your blog about?
  2. Why did you start blogging?
  3. Where do you do most of your blogging?
  4. What do your parents think of your blog?
  5. Whose blogs do you admire?
  6. Where do you get your inspiration?
  7. How would you describe your style?
  8. What is your favorite quote?
  9. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?
  10. Who is your style icon?

It has been fun meeting other bloggers and supporting one another along the way.  I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better and continue on with the spirit of support.  Please leave a comment here if you think I should add other blogger nominees!



Anyone familiar with my blog knows that I’m enthralled with baroque glamour.  I love damask, ornate gold finishings and brocade patterns.

Source: via Fab Gab Blog on Pinterest

And it seems that the fashion world has latched onto this look.  Runways from Aquilano Rimondi, Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Giles, Mary Katrantzou, and Marchesa all featured embellished and ornate patterns reflecting back to the baroque Italian style.  It’s decadent, dramatic and romantic.  Check out some of the baroque accessories from the fall 2012 runways.

And here are some fashion images from Dolce and Gabbanna!

But if the thought of buying these baroque styles straight off the runway leave you worrying about going b-roke, don’t fret, already the affordable lines are working on supplying us with similar styles.  See here for Asos’s fall 2012 pieces.

Who else here is excited for fall fashions?  What’s your favorite fall 2012 trend?


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Fashion is fickle.  It’s constantly changing and so the same goes for fashion’s faces.  Kate Moss who just turned 37 by the way, famously became the face of Calvin Klein, Burberry, Chanel, Dior, Topshop, Rimmel London and many more.  And with the change in times (and with Kate’s erratic behavior), brands have both run towards and away from her when carefully considering who would best represent them.

Kate Moss

The fashion front has some exciting updates.  Firstly, Leighton Meester is now officially one of the faces of Missoni.  Check out her adorable photo here proving once again that nerds are in vogue.

Though she is not the sole star of the campaign, ( Margherita Missoni, Camilla Al Fayed, Eugenie Niarchos, Tatiana Santo Domingo, Charlotte Dellal and Jacquetta Wheeler were also photographed for the ad campaign), she certainly looks like she is enjoying her model moment.

Another queen B from gossip girl that is the new face of fashion is Blake Lively.  Possibly, the luckiest of all fashion faces, she just got appointed as Chanel’s ambassador for their new Mademoiselle handbag! 

I think Karl made a fabulous choice.  She is as he praised, the “American Dream Girl” with her effortlessly sexy locks, model figure and charming smile.

Following the trend of using celebrities as the new faces for fashion, Ann Taylor, a brand that I’m currently intrigued with, chose Katie Holmes to debut their Spring 2011 collection.  I barely recognized those steely eyes in this photo.  And who would have guessed that figure came from a recent boy-jean wearing mom?

Lastly, I’m excited to see that finally, an Asian model has signed such a high-profile cosmetics contract with Estee Lauder.  This is sort of old news (2010) but I can’t help celebrating Liu Wen, who is the first-ever Asian to land the EL contract and also the first Asian to also walk the Victoria’s Secret runway.

Who is your favorite model of the moment or fresh face of fashion?


So my silly friend emails me to tell me that if I stop by 57th st that there would be a free Christian Dior purse for me to pick up.

Excitedly, I open the picture attachment already envisioning me winning this new purse at Bloomingdales where she works (also near 57th st).  Except I find this gigantic, 1.5 story mock-up fake purse in front of the construction site that is Christian Dior’s showroom and retail space.

I got such a kick out of the joke that I actually did go to 57th st (off Madison) to check it out in person.

No matter how hard I tried to steal the purse, it wasn’t moving.  So finally, I cursed my friend and left in defeat.

Thanks for nothing, Aria!  🙂


I can hardly believe it.  Fashion Week is back in just a blink of an eye.  It feels like only yesterday when I started this blog last fashion week back in February with my first amateur entry on my fashion fixation. This year, instead of taking time off from work to attend a week of shows, I’m working fashion week with an emphasis on Fashion’s Night Out.

I’ve booked my models, figured out how to style them, planned for 18 raffles and about 15more gifts with purchase, planned the run of show, created signage, wrote marketing copy and ran a month of promotions and PR.  This is on top of having negotiated sponsorships of everything from open bar, to bar rental to DJ equipment, to 2 event photographers to cotton candy.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted but excited to bring FNO to Long Island where I’ve single-handedly initiated FNO at both our store and at the mall we’re connected to.  It’s always exciting to be able to create something out of nothing.  Here’s Anna Wintour talking about how she created FNO out of nothing and this year is expanding the event on a global level (there are over 1000 stores participating.)

Wish me luck!


Karl Lagerfeld must have been watching re-runs of Star Wars when designing his fur suit.  Who knew Chanel would ever consider Chewbacca tres chic?

Joe Zee, Elle Magazine’s creative director and reality show star from The City recently climbed into one of these designer fur suits and pranced around Manhattan on a hot summer day.  I guess when you’re creative director of a fashion magazine having Karl lend you his most outrageous look is simply a perk of the job.  Joe must really be starving for attention.  Here he is heading to the zoo explaining to a bewildered passerby who wonders out loud how he can wear fur “When you’re wearing Chanel you’re always hot.”

Even more hilarious is when he spontaneously starts freaking Elmo

Joe, don’t you have better things to do like kiss Olivia Palermo’s ass while running a magazine perhaps?


Tonight’s the City episode’s funniest part was when the Japanese attendants at the Elle Magazine event couldn’t get over Olivia Palermo.  Olivia was surprised at how many Japanese fans she had.  I was most surprised by the Japanese fascination with the size of her face.  They were flabbergasted and had to come up for a closer look!  One even exclaimed that she couldn’t bear to take a photo next to her for fear that her her own face would look exponentially larger in comparison.  Olivia tried to laugh the first comment off by dismissing it quickly with “Oh you’re so funny.”  But when faced with continuous shrieks about the smallness of her face everywhere she turned, Olivia finally resorted to a meek “thank you.”  haha

Speaking of Japan, here are some pics of me (and my large face) from my trip to Japan!


Bidding started at $23,000 and soon ended at a startling $42,500 for a week with Anna Wintour in Vogue’s offices along with a fab fashion package including tickets to a fashion week runway show., the site the auction was held on advertised the opportunity as “the opportunity of a lifetime.. just being near her will make you chic!”  Indeed.  In an earlier post, I listed the top 7 things on my to do list if I were to be the lucky recipient of such an opportunity.

How much would the opportunity to hang with the “Devil Wears Prada” mean to you?

I want to know who this mystery intern is and how this person plans to spend the week at Vogue.

On a side note, here’s a quote from Anna on her acceptance of  fashion bloggers.  Love her.


I’m excited to announce a new partner/sponsor for FabGab, Clipta.  It’s an online video search, sort of a Google for video that will at first focus on our favorite category – FASHION!  Here’s an excerpt featuring licensed content from World Fashion TV.

Covering the latest trends, news and the most recent shows from famous designers along with exclusive events, backstage stories and interviews, it’s a site that will pull you in with all the glam visuals and insider access.  Check it out!  The first time I was on the site, I found myself browsing for a half an hour.

You’ll also notice that FabGab’s banner is clickable at the bottom of their page.  Which brings me to also announce that FabGab clickable banners of all sizes are now available for those of you who would like to add FabGab to your blogroll. (Thanks to Nile Flores from whom I highly recommend for any of your webmaster and graphic design needs!)

Feel free to contact me at if you’re interested in a link exchange.

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