Juliet has never tried ice skating before so when Kamik invited us to a media event at Chelsea Piers involving complimentary ice skating and family fun, we HAD to go!  Juliet loves ice given her obsession with Elsa and the movie Frozen.  And it is with Elsa in mind that she boldly tried out her skate rentals without fear or hesitation. img_9695

Balancing on skates with a toddler in tow was a balancing act for sure!  Though it was a workout ensuring neither of us broke a leg, I was simply overjoyed to see Juliet braving the ice and taking her first baby steps all over again.  I must admit though that it took us over a half hour to walk over to the ice and skate one circle around the perimeter.    Luckily there was delicious hot chocolate awaiting us as an award hard earned.  Thank you Kamik for ensuring our first ice skating adventure was full of fun and kid-friendly activities!img_9725

We made it!

After the round of ice skating (where thankfully, Juliet neither wiped out nor cried…you never know how things will be with a toddler), Kamik invited us into a private room where arts and crafts, food, raffles and the aforementioned hot chocolate awaited us.  Friends of course made the experience even more memorable!

chelsea piers event space

We were encouraged to #stepoutside with our newly gifted Kamik boots and pose for photos near the Hudson River and Jersey shoreline.


Juliet and I were so thankful to receive our brand new boots.  They were SO comfortable and warm!  And with NYC winters being as slushy and cold as they usually are, we expect to get tons of great use out of these!  Even daddy (not pictured) got a pair!

kamik event, kamik shoes

Inside, we were surprised to find how enthralled the kids were with the Kamik mannequins.  Juliet especially, seemed to have started some sort of strange love affair with the boy in the green coat haha

img_9821 She spent a good 10 minutes here at this display booth interacting with her newfound friend, holding his hand, caressing his coat and offering lots of hugs!  It was hilarious to watch!  To her, the brand (and this boy) were irresistible!img_9792

And her affection didn’t stop there.  When we won the Instagram contest, she happily ran over to meet and greet Otis, a giant otter and Kamik’s adorable mascot.  Here she is plopping a big juicy kiss on his nose.


I highly recommend Kamik for their durable craftsmanship, weatherproof materials, and stylish options for the whole family.  Get stocked up ‘cuz as they say in Game of Thrones, “winter is coming!”

We were gifted product in exchange for the review but as always all opinions expressed are 100% my own.







With our suitcase packed with Kidpik Basics and Cat and Jack pieces, Juliet and I headed to Central Park.  Styling kids has been a passion of mine ever since having one myself and ever since I left my professional career where I used to style all the Saks Fifth Avenue models at the LI store.  As part of a continued photography series with Danny Weiss, I styled Pilar (pictured below) along with my daughter in coordinated outfits.   Luckily, Pilar was just as into an impromptu tea party as Juliet was!  The two met, and immediately bonded.

kidpik basics, cat and jack, girls fashion, styling kids 080116_shelbyjohn_1014 080116_shelbyjohn_1922

As if they were friends forever, they happily blew bubbles, played pretend and posed supermodel style with no fussing or complaining about accessories or outfit changes.  They knew the drill.  080116_shelbyjohn_1517 080116_shelbyjohn_1473 080116_shelbyjohn_1451

Accessories and props are all from Juliet’s closet.  For more shoots that I’ve helped style, click here!  For more of Danny Weiss’s photography, click here!





rookie usa, nyfw kids, minifashionistarookie usa, nyfw ss17, nyfw kids fashion, kids fashion week

When Juliet sees pictures of mommy at fashion shows without her, she’ll ask, “Mommy how come I’m not there??”  And when I explain that I went to the show alone, she makes me promise, “next time you bring me.”  So whenever there is a kids’ fashion show or a fashion presentation (which I find easiest to take a toddler to), I do try and invite her so long as it doesn’t conflict with her school schedule.  This brings us to the Rookie USA kids Fashion Show held at Moynihan Station this NYFW.

kids at NYFW, minifashionista, nyc kids fashion, nyfw ss17, rookie usa fashion show, rookie usa

It was a must-see mommy and me show.   Haddad Brands presented it on Thursday, September 8th with hosts NBA great, Ray Allen and his wife Shannon and charitable partners, JDRF and Ray of Hope Foundation.  It was a series of kids’ fashion shows featuring top brands including:  Converse, Jordan, Nike, Hurley and Levi’s.

nyc runway, nyfw ss17, rookie usa, nyfw kids img_0059

Breaking up the series of 5 runway shows were live performances from Live Deejays, DJ AMira and Kayla, singer Bobbi MacKenzie, and break dancers, Street Justice Crew.  The breaks not only logistically allowed for backstage prep with all the celebrity mini-models, but also riled up the audience’s excitement and anticipation for what was to come.  I tell you, the energy in this room was palpable!  And I was so thankful we got to see so much with one sitting!  It was truly an entertaining NYFW experience!


Once the shows were over the crowd was on such a high.  None of us could stop smiling.  Just too much cuteness all around!img_0085 img_0087

When your outfits match the Empire State building, you need to capture the NY moment.

img_0088 img_0097

Don’t you just love this very NY shot of Juliet carrying her Daily fashion magazine in front of the NY public library and an iconic NYC taxi?

nyfw magazine, minifashionista, the daily, daily magazine, nyc taxiFor more of this minifashionista’s NYFW SS 17 coverage, see our Instagram account, Vicky Zhang and Timo Weiland.  How did you enjoy NYFW this year?















When we received the invite to Timo Weiland’s fashion presentation at the highly buzzed about Samsung 837 in NYC’s Meatpacking District we were super excited.  Firstly, Timo Weiland is a CFDA superstar, newly appointed as one of the top new designers to watch.  Secondly, Samsung’s digital wonderland is something that has been on my must-see list for NY places to go.

cool nyc

photo credit –

I used to spearhead Samsung’s integrated marketing campaigns and experiential events so I’m always curious as to what they’re up to now.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Samsung’s interactive lab, which makes you feel as if you’ve stepped into the future, allows you to test out their high-tech products, and experience virtual reality, 360 degree cameras, and other cool new innovations.  Check out little Juliet exploring the digital playground!  It was fun for all ages!

samsung 837, timo weiland fashion, timo weiland fashion presentation

We even got to step into this mirrored room which took a 360 degree photo for us.

dsc_1019 dsc_1020

During this NYFW fashion presentation, guests were treated to a musical performance and viewing from all angles of this 3-story space.  timo weiland samsung 837

The great thing about fashion presentations (as Juliet is happy to tell you herself) is that you can get up close and personal.  Juliet loves when the models say hi to her.

timo weiland samsung stylewylde_timo_weiland_ss_2017-7

Bold colors and graphic prints abounded.  And when the fashion models left, Juliet wanted nothing more than to sit where they were standing, oblivious to the crowds and paparazzi that would gather to take the mini-model’s photo.

nyfw model, timo weiland ss17, timo weiland at samsung 837, samsung 837 fashion

Once they left, I had to go up and commemorate the experience with our own mommy and me photo.dsc_1044

The best part of this experience was that Alan Eckstein, one of the designers for Timo Weiland, came up to us and introduced himself (complimenting Juliet).  What an honor it was to meet him.  We were so surprised that we forgot to take a photo with him.

If you haven’t already checked it out, definitely head on over to 837 Washington Street where the new Samsung experience lives at Samsung 837!

virtual reality

Click here to read on about our NYFW experiences!








Girls’ clothes are so freaking adorable that sometimes you just have to cave in and buy (again).  I felt that way once I saw HM’s Studio AW 2016 collection.

hm kids clothes, studio aw 2016 www-hm-com_2016-09-19_20-59-11 Everything was so magical, straight out of a fairytale it seemed!www-hm-com_2016-09-19_20-59-46

The pieces looked so designer and so special that I couldn’t resist taking some pieces home with me.  I’ll share some more later but for now, check out this embroidered, black and white crown and bunny wand! (make sure to follow us on Instagram for more!)janie and jack girls fashion, girls gladiator sandals

This little princess loves her wands!img_0398

I paired the accessories with her gladiator fringe sandals, her Catherine Malandrino tutu skirt from TJMaxx and her Janie and Jack gifted sweater. img_0401

You can buy similar sandals for $18.69 here.  We bet sooo many compliments on these shoes and always get asked where we purchased.  They look designer but they’re not!  img_0402

What are your favorite pieces from H&M’s studio collection?  And what were your fall must-haves this back-to-school season?



If you want an Instagram-able photo, just head to any of NY’s graffiti walls and you’re bound to get the distinctive look that you’re hoping for.  I personally love street art and apparently am instilling an appreciation of it to Juliet who stops to admire and talk about the art she sees along our pathways.   The Lower East Side’s Allen and Delancey area is one of these perfect stops for photo opps.  We headed there today and found nearly a dozen cool graffiti walls to choose from within a 1 block radius!

nyc kid

Being that her half birthday just passed, I thought this was the perfect wall to shoot in front of.  (Now she’s 3.5 years old!) Definitely not a baby anymore.dsc_1155

Her outfit consists of new back-to-school finds from The Children’s Place (skirt, socks and ankle boots) along with the puppy purse and nerd glasses already in her arsenal of accessories.   This is the look she’ll give you if you try and call her ‘baby.’

nyc graffiti, nyc kids, allen and delancey

As if this wall wasn’t awesome enough, it is surrounded by several other colorful backdrops like this cool, claw one.

nyc graffiti walls, nyc street art

This girl loves candy.  And I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I bribe her to pose a little longer with me if she’s not naturally feelin’ it. dsc_1147

Below, she is wearing a Ba Ba Bling tee for which she is a brand ambassador for.  We love this graffiti style New York printed tee because it’s edgy, cool and perfect for our NYC kid.

les graffiti, lower east side graffiti

It’s paired with polka dot stretchy pants from The Children’s Place. which as you can tell, I’m a fan of for their fall collection this year!dsc_1213

On Orchard and Delancey was this can’t miss, bright sunny yellow wall which drew us in.  It’s such a fun pop of color isn’t it?  dsc_1223

I wish more of NY was painted in vibrant colors like these! dsc_1245 dsc_1251

Stay tuned for more NYFW coverage where Juliet and I covered all the kids’ fashion shows together.  And follow our daily adventures through our Instagram stories and feed!







I’m a sucker for mommy and me matching outfits as evidenced here.  So when I received the NYFW invite from Vicky Zhang, I knew I had to take my mini-me for a truly fab mother-daughter fashion week experience.


I appreciated that there were coordinated family looks, items for the sons and even husbands.  But not everything was translatable and wearable in the States.  The ones that were are pictured below.


vicky zhang, mommy and daughter fashion, mommy and me fashion, matching family outfits  0_45799800_1473524052 0_77714700_1473523587

Look at Juliet pretending to take her own pictures with her iphone purse case.img_0160

As you can see, the looks all have a strong Asian influence to the design, and a light, gauzy feel to them.  The below formal outfits though could be worn for dressier occasions (that is if they widened the mom’s chest portion of the dress, in order to prevent a Janet Jackson fashion faux pas).0_99994500_1473524094

mommy and me matching outfits, twinning, mother daughter outfits

matching outfits

Juliet enjoyed picking out her favorite looks.  The one below was a favorite for both of us!  Don’t you just love the off-the-shoulder trendy detail? So chic!


vicky zhang front row, vicky zhang fashions

The best and most memorable part of the show however was the finale.  Cutest thing ever!  All the kids, and I mean ALL the kids from the show just surprised the heck out of everyone by jumping onto the stage chasing after one another, squealing down the entire runway!  You couldn’t help but feel the joy and celebrate the finale with them!  My face actually hurt from smiling and laughing so hard!

vicky zhang nyfw, twinning, family fashion, nyfw finale

How adorable is this??  This was our view.

Juliet was very thankful of the colorful pin cushion that she was gifted (found this in the front row goody bag).  And I find it such an endearing little souvenir from the show.  I remember my mom having the very same pincushion when I was growing up and now Juliet is infatuated with it. Here she is holding her new gift (and wearing her new Honua bracelets).img_0131 Thanks for reading and if you want to follow along with our daily adventures, make sure to follow @fabgabblog on Instagram where we’ve shared some of our NYFW  Instagram stories and daily outfits.



panda, panda love, panda room, 29 rooms

These days with the social media craze, it seems like everyone is searching for the latest and greatest and most Instagram-able moments.  Refinery 29 understands this inherently and has created Refinery ’29 Rooms’ to draw us all into their creative, fashionable world.  “29Rooms brings to life a lot of the themes Refinery29 covers in its digital content to a physical space, said Piera Gelardi, co-founder and executive creative director of Refinery29. “We live in an increasingly digital world, so people want to have memorable experiences, but they also want to be able to share them with their digital friends,”  As a former brand director, who created press-worthy integrated marketing campaigns, I found this immersive branding concept so up my alley and couldn’t wait to explore everything!  Since I had a VIP pass to 29 rooms, I knew I could skip the crazy long lines and bring Juliet along for the adventure and I’m soooo glad I did!

The transformed 80,000-square-foot warehouse felt like a cool, artsy maze with which you could weave your way in and out constantly discovering colorful new reasons to smile.

refinery 29 rooms

I loved how Juliet perked up at the sight of each cool new fantastical room.

29 rooms 2016, 29 rooms by refinery29

Each showcased, design, style, beauty, art, and even technology in the coolest, weirdest and unexpected ways.  But what topped our list as the most memorable rooms were the interactive ones!  Most were super kid-friendly like the ones that encouraged writing on the walls…hoping Juliet doesn’t get used to this bright idea…

29 rooms, brooklyn art  dsc_0701

refinery 29, 29 rooms, brooklyn baby

And we totally enjoyed getting goofy and making art with our bodies!dsc_0794


29 rooms brooklyn, 29 rooms 2016

Our top 4 favorite rooms out of the 29 rooms however were:  Celebrate You, Wig Wonderland, Texture room, and the Panda room!

I loved the Papyrus sponsored Celebrate You room for obvious reasons.  I’m a party planner after all and I live by the self-made motto, “celebrate the everyday in style.”  So this confetti filled room enveloped in party supplies had me in my happy place!  Juliet yelped, “it’s like a party in here!” And it sure was!

papyrus room, 29 rooms

We posed for silly GIF photos and threw endless confetti around ‘cuz that’s what you do in a party palace.  All mommy needed was some rose’ to really make it a party on this blistery hot day!

refinery 29 rooms

Juliet’s favorite (cuz she adores dress up) was what I like to call the wig wonderland.  Juliet loved trying on each whimsical wig and guests couldn’t stop taking selfies of themselves here!  The social shares here must be through the roof!  Apparently Ru Paul collaborated on this room hence, his famous saying lit up for all the world to see, ‘you better WORK!”  Juliet came back to this room for a 2nd time it was that good!

rupaul wig, refinery 29, refinery 29 rooms9-9-001

The next room was filled with textural surprises.  Juliet and I explored, danced, laughed and played in it for far longer than warranted.  You just never know what will inspire a toddler, I guess! She started playing around with the fur as if it were Rapunzel’s long locks flowing from the top of her head and me?  Well I just sort of got danced around getting my groove back!

refinery 29 room installation 9-9-003

Last but not least, the room we both were obsessed with was the Panda room!


29 rooms


Having seen this room all over Instagram before coming, I knew to pack Juliet’s panda fashions. So out came her Gymboree panda shirt and matching shoes.  The artist and staff loved her outfit so much that they insisted Juliet take home one of the coveted but never given away, blow-up pandas that you see here.  What a souvenir!!  She was honored!  THANK YOU!

29 rooms

Braving the heat wave was worth it just for this Instagram-able room by Nicopanda.  Everyone was frantically snapping up a storm in here, knowing soon their time would be up and they’d have to stop sinking deliriously into this panda pit and return to reality.  This truly immersive art project will not soon be forgotten!

If you’re in the NY area, it’s worth a visit!  Just know that typically lines are at least an hour wait so be prepared!

When: September 9 through 11, from 12 to 8 p.m.
Where: 8 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY

For more photos (so many to share, so little space!), follow me @fabgabblog on FB, Instagram and Twitter where I’ll be posting scenes from more rooms!

We had so much fun here and hope this post put a little joy in your day!  Please leave a comment!











lee jeans style, lee jeans showroom, lee jeans blogger

I was honored to have been asked to review Lee Jeans for kids from Five Star Apparel New York.  Lee Jeans is a classic jeans company that has been around since 1889.  And to me they represent Americana!  With such rich history, it was exciting to hear what the brand had in store for 2016.


We were so happy to have been able to select her first-ever pair of jean shorts from their showroom.  Here is little Juliet modeling them.  Having been inspired from our recent California trip, (see our travel photos on Instagram) I styled her boho chic and she loved it!


She’d almost pass for a real Californian girl!  8.5-002

Check out the fringe heart detail!  Isn’t it just the cutest??  In case you want to buy these, they’re style #L616SH22 ‘stone wash heart patch short shorts!’  And they’re available in girls’ sizes 4-6x.

lee jeans for kids, lee jeans nyc, lee jeans showroom

Lee Jeans are sold at Bealls, Boscov’s, BONTON, JCPenney, and

These jean shorts are sure to be a summer staple in her wardrobe.  Super versatile.  They’ll go with everything!  Follow me on Twitter @fabgabblog to find out where the rest of her outfit came from and to see my matching look (coming soon)!



True Religion is one of my favorite denim companies so I was excited when the brand and Stroller In The City invited me in to select a couple pieces for little Juliet to wear!  THANK YOU True Religion for gifting Juliet with these fab pieces! With the back-to-school season just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to style the True Religion pieces for the fall.

back to school

This classic True Religion jean is their Casey style (a similar one can be found here).   My 3.5 year old daughter who is 40″ tall is wearing a size 3 here just to give you some sizing reference in case you were interested in buying these.  I love these because they can be dressed up or down and they are rugged enough for the playground!

true religion kids jeans, true religion girls clothes, true religion girls fashion

Juliet loves her lion backpack from the Chicago zoo gift shop and likes to let out a big roar when I take pictures of her with this wild backpack lol.

The next back to school outfit started with a True Religion two toned, raglan tee (arms which are not shown here are a wine color). It is styled under a cream, tweed cardi and over a tutu skirt for a girly, glam look.DSC_9420

The tulle and glitter crown completes the look for my little fashion, minifashionista, girls tutu, cute kids, nyc kids

Juliet loves anything with a butterfly so this gifted cream and gold glitter tutu from grandma was a hit too!DSC_9419

The fashion is what makes back to school season so exciting for me!  What about you?  What are you most looking forward to this back to school season?

For examples of my kids’ styling sessions with NYC photographers, click here.  Feel free to contact me at for styling inquiries and sponsored posts.

Thanks so much for reading!

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