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Check out these powerful, comic strip style fashions.  They’re sure to give your wardrobe the kick in the ass it needs to rescue it out of its doldrums.

superhero comic strip style fashion

It seems everyone from Phillip Lim to Forever 21 are jumping on the superhero trend which has inspired me to create this themed inspiration board for a superhero Halloween or birthday party.

superhero party

For a truly super time, invite all the guests to show up as their favorite superhero or comic strip character!


Set up a photo booth and encourage guests to zap a photo of themselves in power poses.  Provide props like capes, eye masks and lightning bolts.   If you want to serve more than desserts, your menu could include things like,  “power pasta,” “strengthening steak,” “flying fajitas” etc.  For more ideas and for all the printable items featured in the collage above, check out wants and wishes!



According to Pantone, emerald green is the color of the year for 2013 which means we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in fashion, home decor and accessories.

pantone green

I have no idea how the Pantone gods have the power to choose and predict colors of the year but I find that once they do, the entire fashion and home design worlds run with it.  Here are some inspirational collages themed with this fresh color.  What do you think?

Glam Green

green inspiration board

Preppy Green

Desktop2 preppy green

Who feels like wearing green now?

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I actually meant to post this pre-Christmas but of course during the holiday craze, totally forgot about it.  Shall I blame this on pregnancy brain or the endless chaos that surrounds the holidays?  I don’t know but in either case, this red and white themed inspiration board could also apply for Valentine’s. So here you go!

Valentine’s is less than a month away!  Now’s the time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate!  It’s crazy to think that my hubby and I will be celebrating a new love (the daughter growing in my belly right now) this Valentine’s day and be looking forward to meeting her within the month.  My goal is to have all of Juliet’s (yes it’s a girl!!) basic necessities bought and prepared for by V-day.  This will surely be a special and memorable last Valentine’s day as a newlywed couple -the last one we’ll share with just the two of us.




Hi everyone!  How was your week?  I’ve been in workaholic mode!  It’s one month prior to NY Fashion Week so things are crazy at work these days.  Are you as glad as I am that it’s Friday??

My weekend plans include a crash course on everything prenatal.  For 8 hours Saturday and 8 hours Sunday, my hubby and I are going to be learning pain management (do those breathing exercises really work?) the art of swaddling, and everything there is to learn about this last trimester.  Sounds like a fun-filled weekend, right?  uh..yeah..

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For a chic take on the traditional Christmas party, why not go with a black, white and gold color palette?  The combo is oh so elegant and glam.  Check out the inspirational collages that I made below!

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Here’s an inspiration board for those who love purple!

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I love the classic black and white combination so much that I had considered it for my own wedding.  That is until I fell in love with the New York Palace  and that venue’s color theme did not work with it.  If I had gotten married say at the Oheka Castle, I might have gone with this sort of theme.


Damask, stripes, polka dots, black white and gold details!

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Who here loves polka dots?  I love the whimsy and fun that polka dots exude.  Above, are some inspirational images for a polka-dot themed event.  I think this theme would be great for a kid’s birthday party.  What about you?

Click here for inspiration on a rainbow – themed event and here for other inspiration boards.

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Pink macaroons, pink cupcakes, pink flowers, pink bedroom, pink dessert table, pink balloons.  If you don’t like pink, don’t look here!


For more inspiration boards and collages, click here!

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Ok, I’m now officially a hoarder.  I blame Pinterest, my latest obsession.  Pinterest encourages if not compels you to hoard – hoard images that is.  And this blog is an excuse to collect.

Here is my latest inspirational board.  Color theme:  baby blue, candy pink and light grass tones.

The middle photo would be a cute idea for a bridesmaid shot, wouldn’t it?  Click here for more inspirational boards and collages.  And follow me on pinterest here!


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