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Ok, I’m obsessed.  I absolutely love Pinterest! Is anyone else here on it?  If so, leave me a comment with your Pinterest url!  Here is my latest inspiration board.  Tell me what you think of this party planning!


I collected all these images through Pinterest and compiled this inspiration board by grouping images with a similar color palette. I love the soft turquoise, coral and other pastels. It’s reminiscent of my last collage shown here.  But this one has a distinctively different story.  I see here, a glamorous mom throwing a tea party for her daughter’s birthday.  She’s dressing her in her own jewels and prepping her on all the fine dining etiquette necessary to host her own tea party one day.

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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Did you all overeat, like I did?

This year, I volunteered to bake my famous pumpkin pies and for some inexplicable reason didn’t stop at that.  I also volunteered to make mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce (from scratch).  And ehem for 25 people.  Being that I only really cook during holidays and special occasions, this was quite the ambitious undertaking.  In fact it was causing me such stress that I found myself taking off from work the day before Thanksgiving just to give myself ample time to prepare.  After all, I  had to research menus, watch my Youtube videos, plan out the menu then compare the ingredients list to what I already had, make my grocery list, go shopping, spend hours sweating in the kitchen concocting my new menus and cleaning then spending the rest of the night praying that I won’t kill everyone the next day.

Phew, it was a lot to go through but now that it is over, I can re-focus on what I know I’m good at.  Styling, event planning, marketing and blogging.  That is why it is with great pleasure that I bring you my latest inspiration board pulled together from my recent pinterest finds.


Here is my inspiration board for a pastel-themed vintage style party. Come by and Follow Me on Pinterest


As an event planner, I’m always searching for images that inspire me.  And now that I’ve found Pinterest, I can collect all the images I like and save them for future inspiration boards.  The site is like a healthy outlet for my hidden hoarding tendencies.

What do you think of my latest collage below?


If you’re a fan of brights, you’ll love this collage.  Check out all those fab shoes!  And who wouldn’t want that amazing chair/ottoman?  I put this together thinking about a fun, rainbow themed, summer wedding.  The bridesmaids would each wear a different colored dress with some of these rainbow bright shoes, carry one of those multi-colored bouquets and take pics in a photo booth with the rainbow striped background.

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So peaceful.  So pretty.

This is my collage for a vintage themed, neutral-colored wedding.  I love the mix of textures, and the bits of sparkle and shine mixed in with my usual favorites like damask detail.   Notice the pillow with the frothy white ruffles, the 3D almost antiqued linens and glam sequin pillow in the table setting?   The table goes so well with the vintage, crystal and lace dress, family photo framed wall and escort card table.  I’m loving it all.

I’ve been playing with the idea of helping a friend plan her wedding.  I’m so tempted!  After all, I’m still borderline wedding obsessed.  I diligently watch all episodes of “Four Weddings,” “Say Yes To The Dress” and yearn for the days that my cable gave me access to the Wedding Channel 24-7.  (Yes there is such a thing!)  Planning my own wedding was so much fun, that I almost never wanted it to end.  So this opportunity to be someone else’s wedding planner seemed the perfect excuse to keep the wedding planning momentum going.  All weekend, I seriously toyed with the idea.  But in the end, I had to take a hard look at (my lack of) free time.  With fall’s packed work schedule, a 3rd wedding reception of my own to deal with, a honeymoon to plan and a Bahamas birthday celebration this month alone, I knew I wouldn’t be able to give my dear friend the attention she deserved.


As a follow-up to my previous inspiration board entry, I wanted to show you my inspirations for my wedding.  I was going back and forth between pale, romantic colors and this blue / gold theme and surprisingly really struggled with the color theme of my wedding.  In the end, I chose the blue/gold because it matched my venues best, and also because it incorporated my hubby’s favorite color – blue.

Being that we got engaged in a German castle, and being that this was the year of the royal wedding, it seemed right to have a regal themed wedding.  I love the above collage not only for its incorporation of the light blue and golds but also because it had a definite regal feel to it, Victorian ornate touches and the damask that I love.

The crown motif actually ended up being one of our wedding icons and was carried throughout the paper products.  Plus the venue actually had the crown as their own logo – how perfect!

I knew I wanted a vintage, royal feel so these collage creations seemed just right.

What do you think?


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As a follow-up to my earlier post which featured pretty pale collages, here is another similar round-up of collage creations that I made while surfing the net for inspiration.  These are a little more event oriented and would be perfect for the bride to be who is planning a romantic, airy color palette of pale pinks and blues.

I was loving all the chandeliers, feathers, damasks and Victorian details.  These photo collages almost became part of my very own wedding’s inspiration board.  Almost.  I’ll post up my final wedding inspiration boards in my next entry.



I’ve been collecting images ever since starting this blog – images that inspire me, images that indulge me and images that ARE me.

Every so often, I browse through my little online library and collect them into thematic collages.  Here’s my latest.  I’m calling it the black and white wedding.  For those of us who love damasks, this is a perfect way to bring black, white and a flash of pink into a damask black and white wedding.  Every black and white decor needs another accent color, else the classic black white pairing risks looking bland and cold.

Adding a printed fabric to the stem of a wedding bouquet is a thoughtful way to bring in a wedding theme while also creating a standout bouquet.  I’d like to see this one outlined with black ostrich feathers for an even more dramatic look.   I love how the elegant black and white cake has layers of different sizes, patterns and a simple modern ball like structure as the cake topper – very graphic.    And every event planner should experiment with adding logos, themes and patterns to their ice bar.  It immediately creates a memorable visual focus and helps tie any event decor together.  And don’t you love the unexpected flower girl dress?  Instead of coming out in all white, why not use a printed girly ruffle dress in the theme of your wedding?  I’d love to see this girl walk down the aisle carrying a pink teddy bear in a black basket with a pink flower in her hair.  I can see it now….


I’m thinking that I should make collages its own category within my blog since I go to them so frequently.  But I can’t decide which parent category to file it under.  Fashion?  Design/Decor?  Art?  They fall under all the above given they’re always a mish mash of my passions in all the above categories.

Anyways, here are my latest colorful collages from the worlds of fashion, decor, and event planning.  Maybe they’ll inspire someone other than me.





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If you’ve followed my blog for any time, you know that my passions for event planning, home decor, and fashion often find themselves colliding in the form of blog collages.  To quote, The Sound of Music, “these are a few of my favorite things:”

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