Who else is counting down the minutes until the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show?  I love these things!  Major fashion shows featuring supermodels and tons of glitz and glamour – what more can a fashionista event planner ask for?  I love the production of it all and going online right now, I’m even more excited being able to see the 360 degree views, sketches of the costumes and  backstage shots/videos.

I’m one of those rare girls who doesn’t hate on other beautiful women.  In fact, I find myself admiring them with the best of the boys.  I used to  be the best wingman for my guy buds.  I would spot the pretty girls from across the room and have the  most amazing radar.  Speaking of which, I spotted Doutzen Kroes, Chanel Iman and Miranda Kerr during New York Fashion Week long before they made it big and were discovered by Victoria’s Secret and before the modeling world converted them into their current supermodel status.  They just had that star power and striking in-person beauty that made them stand out from all the rest.

My husband is laughing at me because I’m more excited to see these half-naked beauties walk the runway than he is.



Today was a great day.  No, today was fabulous.  I got a ton of stuff done at work thanks to my Red Bull high, and got to bask in my fashion and event planning obsession all day.  Then with my remaining Red Bull fuel, I trekked into New York city from Long Island where I work for a  fashion show at the Trump Tower where Kendall Jenner was hosting and modeling in Sherri Hill’s show.  By the time I sat down and had the chance to catch my breath, I realized, I was sitting across Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.  Right next to me was Miss Teen USA, Danielle Doty who I shared stories of attending the most recent Miss USA pageant with.  Then the most delightful surprise was when I learned that Kim and Kourtney were about 10 seats away from me to my left.   So for the sake of the blog, ok for the sake of the Kardashian-reality-show-watching-freak in me, I leaped off my front row seat like a professional paparazzi and made sure I was able to snap this shot before they took off post-show.  Note to self – never stand ahead of others when taking pictures because it makes my already large Korean head look even more distorted…

Damn they’re photogenic!  The girls’ skin looks amazing doesn’t it?  And why is it that their makeup is always so darn perfect?  Their sister, Kendall was awfully cute too.  She is surely doing her part to keep up with the Kardashians!  I couldn’t believe tonight was just Kendall’s 2nd runway debut.  And at age 15, it seems she has a long modeling career ahead of her.  Also walking in tonight’s show was Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella who I rooted on while watching the live pageant in Vegas this past June.  I thought that Miss USA and Kendall were the perfect representatives of  the formal wear line being that Sherri Hill is known for her high-end prom and pageant dresses.

Check out these pictures from showing shots of Kendall from Sherri’s homepage.  Isn’t she a stunner?

And here is a clip from the show’s finale.  What do you think??

For more on Kim Kardashian, click here.




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Everyone can appreciate a pretty boy but this dude looks like a lady.

This Australian beauty’s name is Andrej Pejic.  Is it just me or does he not remind you of Natalie Portman?

Pejic has appeared in French, Japanese, Turkish and Italian Vogue and has just shot his first global advertising campaign.  what do you think? It’s amazing how he doesn’t just slide off this couch with those oiled up legs, isn’t it?   It looks like we’ve got a real pro here, cuz knowing me, I’d have slipped right off like butter on a frying pan.  I just noticed.  They cut off his feet in this picture.  Do his unwomanly, un-pedicured feet give him away?


So is anyone else fascinated by the older girls’ version of “America’s Next Top Model,” otherwise known as “She’s Got the Look?”  It’s the perfect eye candy to have on while I blog.  So currently, it’s my DVR  go – to while I write this entry.

Being that I’m another year older, I so appreciate this show’s focus on beauty through the years.  Like Robert Verdi says, it “dispels the myth that beauty ends in the 20s.”

I love Robert Verdi!  He’s such a fab fashionista.  I’ve met him at Fashion Week as well as at a ABC Carpet event and he’s always a riot.


I rang in the end of summer during Labor Day weekend with lots of sun, a little shopping and an Indian wedding for a good friend.

I thought I’d post some sunny pictures to commemorate summer’s end.  Don’t you just love the gap-toothed model, her frilly bikinis and amazing bod?

Goodbye summer, hello fall..

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If you liked America’s Next Top Petite Model contestant Jennifer An, you’ll like her even more after reading her answers to my interview below.

Q:  When and why did you know you first wanted to be a model?

I’ve always wanted to model, but my ethnicity and height have always been a factor standing in the way.

Q:  What did you learn about yourself while on America’s Next Top Model?

It was fascinating to be thrown into such an alternative reality. I learned that I’m a leader and someone that can be trusted and
definitely a shoulder to lean on, even in the toughest and most competitive situations. I adapt very well to different surroundings
very well. I can take pressure.

Q:  What other reality show(s) would you do if given the opportunity?

I think one reality show in a lifetime is more than enough. Haha.

Q:  Has it hit you that you could be seen as a role model to many and how do you feel about that?

I’m not sure that I would change my lifestyle due to the fact that younger Americans are looking up to me now, but I don’t do anything my parents wouldn’t approve of, so I think parents would have less of an issue with me as they would, lets say, Lady Gaga.

Q:  How do you feel about being one of the few recognizable Asian models in the industry?

Honored and a little saddened to think that my reality show status has bumped me up to the status of being a recognizable Asian model, where I should be flooded by the other thousands of amazing Asian models.

Q:  Who is your role model?  Your style icon?  Your favorite fashion model?

There is only one woman I look up to… Tina Fey. Haha, she just seems like the perfect blend of beauty, personality and charm. My favorite fashion model is Jourdan Dunn, can’t say much for style icon, it changes everyday.

For more pictures of Jennifer An at NY Fashion Week, see my earlier blog entry.

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I just had to post this cute new Victoria’s Secret video featuring the beloved Miranda Kirr trying on some new bikinis.  It’s reminding me to work out and get ready for bikini season… She’s cute isn’t she? 

I spotted her at a fashion show years before VS did and knew she was special even back then.

Who’s your favorite VS model?  I love Alessandra’s photos and think she’s the most photogenic but way too skinny in person.  So if I were given the challenging task to create THE perfect Victoria’s Secret Angel, I’d pick and put together the following:  Doutzen Krous’s face, Marisa Miller’s body, Heidi Klum’s personality and Miranda Kirr’s sweet dance moves.


When Devon Aoki made her big debut into the fashion world, I questioned why?  how?  and again WHY?  Sure, I was excited to finally see an Asian face in the fashion spreads but why, why in the world HER?  I had non-model FRIENDS who were far prettier and taller than Devon all around me.  Why did the fashion world choose and embrace Devon with her freckly round face, perma-frown and short stature (5’7” is nearly midget sized in the modeling world and only Kate Moss was able to get away with it still to this day).  And here Devon was suddenly gracing the covers, walking the catwalks and gaining international fame all the while inadvertently representing Asian beauty for us all.

photo from

I likened Devon to Alek Wek another quizzical ethnic newbie on the fashion front.  Both were loved for their untraditional beauty and extreme racial features.  “Exotic” (I hate that word) is the euphemistic term I’d use to describe their quote unquote beauty.  That’s why I get so excited whenever I see “real” Asian beauties grace the runways.

This year we had several noteworthy examples.Liu Wen, the first Asian to walk the famed Victoria’s Secret Runway is both tall (5’10”) and stunning.

photo by Jeffrey R. Staab

photo from imaxtree

photo: Tank

And who can forget Daul Kim,(photographed above) Karl Lagerfield’s muse and featured model in his Chanel videos.

Project Runway’s alum, Daniel Vosovic’s presentation during NY fashion week fall 2010 surprisingly showcased ONLY Asian models.  With the exception of his runway show though, Asian models were scarce (not surprising).

At every fashion week that I attend, I always play a solitary, secret game of “Where’s Waldo” except instead of Waldo, I’m looking for the elusive Asian model.  Though challenging, this game is usually short on fun ‘cuz usually after finding 1 girl, it is game over.  Here are some of the girls I spotted throughout the week.

me with Hyoni (winner of Ford's Supermodel of the year)

photo from

photo from

photo from Susan S. Choi

photo from Susan S. Choi

photo from Susan S. Choi

photo from

photo from

photo from Susan S. Choi

photo from Susan S. Choi

photo from

photo from

Apparently other people were playing this game and spotted other Asian faces on the NY runways too.  Here’s a quantitative summary showing total number of shows each of the top Asian models walked this past Feb 2010:

  • Bibi S: 1
  • Bonnie Chen: 7
  • Carolyn Gao: 4
  • Charlene Almarvez: 11 [open: 1]
  • Daisuke Ueda: 1
  • Danni Li: 9
  • Daniel Liu: 1
  • Dinara Chetyrova: 6
  • Emma Pei: 8
  • Eugenia Mandzhieva: 9 [opened: 1, closed: 1]
  • Gwen Lu: 1
  • Hyoni Kang: 11 [opened: 1, closed: 1]
  • Irene Kim: 1
  • Jasmine Yan: 6
  • Jenny Shimizu: 1 [closed: 1]
  • Kiki Kang: 2
  • Lakshmi Menon: 6
  • Lela: 6
  • Liu Wen: 22
  • Liu Dan: 3
  • Noma Han: 2
  • Paula Kawanishi: 1
  • Philip Huang: 5
  • Ping Hue Cheung: 5
  • Selina Khan: 5
  • Shi-Han Hsiao: 3
  • Shu Pei: 23
  • Tao Okamoto: 23 [closed: 1]
  • Wang Xiao: 1

Who’s your favorite and why?


Tyra affectionately called her America’s Next Top (petite) Models  the “Petite Ninja Warriors.”  I call them simply cute.  They  made their front row appearance across from me this morning at the Kardashian Bebe show.

Here are their responses to what their favorite designers are.

Keep a watch out for my exclusive interview with  Jennifer An (on the right)!

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