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Being new to the mom scene and having to make new mommy friends is much like dating online.  You have to put yourself out there to find a companion, or better yet, your soul mate.  After 10months of physically being away from NYC and then being too busy dealing with the apartment renovation to really socialize, I’m excited to branch out and bond with other moms.  At the risk of sounding corny, I need a friend – a mom friend.  And just like when I was single on Match, I’ve got my list of base criteria.   I don’t want  just any mom.   I want a mom who lives in my neighborhood, a mom with kid(s) around J’s age, a mom with a sense of humor and style and a mom who is in her 30s like me.   Is this asking too much?

So I did a little research, signed up for some appropriate groups, eblasted my apartment database with an introduction and play date interest and paid a $50 due for a neighborhood mommy database all in hopes of meeting Ms. Right.  My husband accused me of being pitiful.  I’m not.  Am I??  Isn’t this what new moms do?!

I’m having flashbacks to my days, as I find myself writing my online profile.  How do I present myself without seeming too needy or desperate?  Did I say enough?  Did I say too much?  Will I attract the right kind?  How many first dates will I have to go on before finding “the one?”

nyc mom

I think I really screwed things up the other day.  I met this woman who seemed every bit what I am looking for in a new friend:  confident, fun, smart, motivated, stylish, hip, pretty even and woah my neighbor!  I excitedly got her number under the premise of following up on some information she had given me and possibly too eagerly texted her a follow-up and invite to have coffee sometime.  No response.  My heart sunk a little when a few days then a week passed and still every time I looked at my phone like a rejected teenager, there was no response text, no call, not even a break-up, you’re-not-my-type answer.  Then, one day I bumped into her in the elevator and while I played it cool, she akwardly explained she had been too busy to respond.  I conscientiously prevented my eyes from rolling around like they so wanted to and listened to the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech.  Of course, I couldn’t get my husband’s voice out of my head..”this is pitiful” he would retort.  Then revealingly, she mentioned being sorry she couldn’t respond to my 10 texts.  “10 texts?!”  I sent her 4 sentences in one text and a follow-up one after.  What a diss!  Was she making fun of me with this exaggeration?  Is this how I turned her off from ever responding? Or was she truly that busy?   Ouch.  And oops.

I guess, all I can do is pick up my head and move on.  There are after all, plenty of fish in the sea as they say, right?  In fact, I’ve already got some new mom contacts that I’ve been emailing through the paid network which has my hopes up high.  But now I’m second guessing myself.  Is it too soon to respond to the email?  Will I seem too eager?  When is it OK to ask them out on a date?  And when is it appropriate to bring them home?

So many questions.  I need a Hitch for the mommy dating scene.  ‘Til then, I guess I’ll be learning through more trial and error.




It’s been 10 months since I’ve had baby Juliet which basically means that by now, I am very very tired.  That’s what months of sleepless nights, relentless parenting and constant worrying will do to you.  New Years Eve served to amplify how my life had changed.  The old me that used to take a nap during the day, dress up to go out and spend the wee hours dancing the night away was nowhere to be found.  When hubby agreed to watch the baby, I actually jumped at the opportunity to clean the bathroom.  (You never  have time to finish all your to dos when you have a baby).  Yea, I cleaned the bathroom on New Years Eve.  And instead of getting dressed up, we hung out in pajamas all night and found ourselves surrounded with milk bottles instead of champagne.  Baby was the only one drunk.  And at midnight, she vomited and made us clean it up.

black and white dress

As if that weren’t lame enough, we spent new years period dealing with shit – literally.  Hubby clogged up our bathroom toilet so bad that two different maintenance guys couldn’t clear it up.  We even bought 3 plungers and nothing worked.  What’s worse is that when we plunged the toilet, poo came up the shower drain and left the most disgusting puddle.  This of course had to happen when my out-of-town friend came to visit.  My hubby and I lamented at the “crappy” timing and figured we were “shit out of luck.”  I had no idea what we were going to do when she wanted to take the full house tour when she stopped by.  Then brilliantly, out of the blue, hubby looks her in the face and busts out the perfect line, “We’d show you our new bathroom, but we keep all our shit in there.”  I just looked up at him incredulously and wondered how he had crafted such a perfect excuse.

In the end, we celebrated: surviving our first year of parenting, the accomplishment of having changed thousands of diapers, and being able to keep the baby alive – together.  We did it.  And there was a lot to be thankful for.  We had a cute, healthy baby with an easygoing temperment, beautiful new apartment and the ability to renovate it to match our dreams -not to mention tons of fun memories from 2013.  The cliche’ is true.  Parenting is hard but it is rewarding.  The life changes and sacrifices you make are ones you never regret.

How did you celebrate?

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I guess I haven’t been feeling very fab lately because post baby, I haven’t had a moment to think about this blog.  Sorry for the lack of posts but I’ve been non-stop with the feedings, diapering, burping and sanitizing while in a zombie-like state thanks to a severe lack of sleep.  I think for the photo shoot shot above, I had a total of 3hours of sleep.

This video pretty much sums up my new life.

During this hiatus, you can however keep up with me through pinterest where I have 106 inspirational boards to share with you.  They range from home decor and fashion to fab fetes and fab kids, much like this blog.  More soon, I promise!




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