Interested in event planning, PR and marketing?  With the university semester coming to a close, I thought it would be great to begin interviewing for an internship.   Please read the below to see if you are a good fit for the position or if you know someone who would be a good fit!


The ideal intern candidate:

  • is based in NYC and is able to work with me in the Financial District once a week (4hours)
  • has a laptop that they can bring in
  • is willing to commit to additional hours helping out at special events
  • is optimistic, flexible, dependable, reliable, punctual
  • has an interest in event planning, fashion, blogging, crafting and/or PR.
  • can organize and update Excel databases
  • has a specialty in one of the following: pitching/selling, photography, social media, graphic design, video
  • major plus if you are an SEO or WordPress expert


Internships MAY be done for school credit. You must work that out with your school.  June through August with potential to continue on through fall/winter semesters.

Additionally, we are always looking for people who can jump in at the last minute on special projects. If you’re interested in being a “back up” please email!  If you are interested in partnering up, please email!


Please use the subject line “Internship” and include a resume and a few sentences on why you’d be the best candidate.

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museum of feeling

A free, interactive place to take your NYC kid in the neighborhood?  A place to create your own art and have a mood ring like experience?  It all sounded intriguing to me so I dashed on over with my minifashionista to check out what all the buzz was about at the Museum of Feelings at Brookfield Place.  Turns out it is a very cool, albeit thinly veiled pop-up by Glade, who creatively immerses you in their latest scents as your travel through a mysterious maze of ‘exhibits.’ Juliet started off loving her freebie – the shiny piece of cardboard she was instructed at entrance to refract light.

museum of feelings


The docents poetically waxed on about the responsive mood wall, the dividing of your shadows and how fragrances act as the muse to inspire visitors to explore their emotions.  Of course, Juliet only heard ‘yada yada yada’ and was more interested in the mixing of all her favorite colors.  ‘ooh blue, ooh red, oh look at THAT! YELLOW!’

museum of feelingsJuliet courageously ventured forward despite the darkness and enjoyed getting to experiment with her newfound glittery cardboard. If I were a more knowledgeable mom, I would have used this opportune time to teach her about how light refracts and the science behind it but I am not, so we resorted to a playful and elementary discussion on the prettiness of the lights.  (Sorry kid.)


We were told this room was about feeling optimistic.  The reflective pass card apparently activated sensors that triggered ambient audio and light.  Berry scents filled the room. 

J’s feeling status? curiously excited.

The next room labeled, ‘Joyful’ was J’s favorite. This staffer distributed these glasses and encouraged us to think about the feeling of being young during the holiday season. That was easy!

museum of feelings

She couldn’t believe her luck upon entering through its dangling green, light-up vines and she laughed as they tickled her every move.  Infused with Glade’s Balsam & Fir Winter Collection fragrance, this modern forest appeared never-ending thanks to the room’s mirrored and reflective surfaces.


J’s feeling status? Playful!


This unique room definitely gave me a feeling of gratiude – for being a NY mom and being able to take my toddler to such cool places.

The ‘Feel Invigorated’ room inspired by the Glade® Blue Odyssee scent, transported you into a world where a colorful halo followed and tracked your every motion.

glade pop up

J’s feeling status? upset (She was the only one without a halo since she was too little to be tracked by one)

The next room was a fun one for my tech-savvy toddler.  Use the futuristic ipad to control the floral images in the room and be rewarded with the scent of Blooming Peony & Cherry, we were told.  This kaleidoscopic room was totally trippy and inspired Juliet to lie down to truly enjoy the magnificent wonder of it all.


Only a toddler could get away with this.

museum of feelings


J’s feeling status?  Pensive

The next room was supposed to inspire calm with the help of  Glade’s Lavender & Vanilla fragrance.  Fog clouds enveloped you while scents and sounds further transported you to a heavenly peace.  And it did.  That is until, Juliet practically screamed out, ‘UH-OH Mommy, I POO-ed!!”  museum of feelings

Uh-oh is right!  Thanks for emitting your own cloud of odor, J!  Suddenly, we saw the room clear out and only we were left to ‘immerse ourselves in our feelings.”  (i.e. feelings of guilt and remorse)  The room suddenly went from heaven to hell in a split second.  Where’s the bathroom?? lol

J’s feeling status?  Disgusted.

(new) scent:  a mix of lavender and diarrhea  ( I do not suggest Glade try and market THAT).


After exiting, we found ourselves in what was relatively, a ginormous room dedicated to taking selfies.  (This is a modern museum after all).  The above pic was the only one we hurriedly took since we were, you know in a rush to change the poopy mess.  But for those fortunate enough not to have a diaper filled with pooh, you could stick around and have this magical machine read your current mood and artistically display it (for all the world to see) in a colorful photograph like the ones below!



Oh yea and you could also buy yourself a Glade candle souvenir but we were to pooped out to do that.

This interactive installation is on Brookfield Place’s Waterfront Plaza and is open to the public until December 15. And I highly recommend it!
Monday – Saturday – 11:00AM – 9:00PM
Sunday – 11:00AM – 7:00PM 

brookfield place ice skating


Every Thanksgiving period is a time to reflect on the year and be grateful for all the blessings in your life, big and small – something we should strive to do everyday.  Personally, I’m most thankful for my healthy, happy adorable little family who make me smile and laugh everyday.



Business-wise, I have a lot to be thankful for as well.  This past year was the first year where I really made a concerted effort to monetize my blog and its affiliated social media and make a business out of my personal passion planning events.  In doing so, I’m thankful for the partners, and sponsors who have collaborated along the way.


image via

I look forward to continuing the partnerships in 2016!  Happy holidays to you all! What are YOU thankful for as this year comes to a close?

For collaboration inquiries, please email fabgabblog@gmail.com.  THANKS!



I love challenging myself to never wear an outfit the same way twice.  I like to mix it up and shop my closet for new looks all the time.  That way I never get too bored of what I have.  The same goes for my daughter’s closet, which similar to mine is a mix of high and low brands.  This post revolves around 1 skirt that I bought from Target (on sale).  It’s still a bit big around the waist so I think we’ll get 4 seasons of use out of this one (an amazing feat as any mom of a growing toddler knows!)


She first wore it during my Haute Halloween party where kids dressed up as their fashion icon.  Juliet dressed as Anna Wintour.

IMG_1820Here I paired it with a cardigan from Zara and shoes from Old Navy that you can see here.  Click here for more outfit details and ideas on how to costume your child as Karl Lagerfeld or Andre Leon Talley!


Here, she is wearing a tee from The Children’s Place that I bought for $5, a Catimini reversible fur vest from Century 21, and gifted glitter shoes.  The glitter crown comes in 4 colors and can be bought on my Fab Kids Facebook site.


She attended Kids Fashion Week in NY wearing this Target outfit (blazer, skirt, purse).  The tights are from Catimini bought on sale at Century 21, the tie was found at The Children’s Place on clearance, and the Elsy designer blouse is from Century 21.  The sneakers were from a hand me down shop called Once Upon a Time and bought on sale for just $3.

baby style

The same tights, blouse, tie, skirt combo is shown here again for her nerdy school outfit.  I topped it off this time with a cool leather jacket from Target.    2015-04-27  And lastly, today she wore the tights, and skirt with a Catimini shirt (bought at Century 21), and wore it with my bandana and a vintage purse I bought on an Etsy sale.  The sandals which she is quickly outgrowing are from Gymboree.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as the’re in the same color family!


For more of Juliet’s outfits follow me on Instagram!  And for more of my outfits ( I haven’t done these posts for myself in a while) click here.


Miss China, Miss Korea, Miss Japan

Ok, so if you’ve been following my blog, you know I love pageants.  The glitz, the glamour, the eye candy and imagined cat fights backstage are all tantalizingly alluring to the girly girl in me.  I remember pageant nights were one of the only nights I, as a kid growing up in a small town in MI was able to stay up past bedtime.  My mom, dad and I would watch together and all debate on who should make the final round and of course later be crowned.

Those were the days when weight stats appeared alongside height and age.  Now the weight portion is omitted and replaced with silly random facts.  Miss Brazil I learned yesterday, “kisses her shoulders when nervous” and Miss Russia  “has a teddy bear collection”.   It was hard for me to fathom that any contestant would willingly want to be forever remembered by her famous teddy bear collection but to each her own.

This year’s contestants were gorgeous as expected but what I didn’t expect to see were so many lookalikes.  Was it just me or did Miss Hungary Agnes Konkoly resemble Rachel Bilson?

And what about Olivia Palermo resembling Olivia Culpo (Miss USA now crowned Miss Universe 2012)?

And did anyone else think Miss Venezuela 2012 Irene Sofia Esser Quintero reminded them of   Sofia Vergara?


For a chic take on the traditional Christmas party, why not go with a black, white and gold color palette?  The combo is oh so elegant and glam.  Check out the inspirational collages that I made below!

And if you aren’t already, follow me on pinterest!


Ok so after a little trial and error and some online research, I’ve quickly learned what works and what doesn’t on a pregnant body.  The key for tops seems to be finding longer length blouses, tunics, cardigans and sweaters for instance that allow for some belly expansion (think empire waists, stretchy tops and items that don’t restrict movement or cause button popping).  And after strictly staying within my $200 maternity shopping spree, I’ve been able to mix and match with my current wardrobe to find some suitable options.

At 22 weeks pregnant, fashioning my growing belly seems to be the least of my concerns though.  Already, I’ve freaked out at having felt this growing human being within me kick and perform Cirque Du Soleil style flips.  And the thought of these kicks and punches only growing stronger (even waking one up in the 3rd trimester) are hard for me to try and get used to.

Everyone keeps reassuring me that I look great for my 2nd term phase and some even wonder out loud how I managed to stay so thin.  Meanwhile all I can think about is  my friend Tracey who even with the same due date has magically seemed to not gain an ounce – that skinny biotch.  After 5 months of pregnancy, I still can’t seem to get used to all this overhang – it’s far worse than any muffin top that I’ve ever experienced.  I have however finally stopped the automatic urge to suck my belly in.  It’s simply no use anymore.  I need to just let it all hang out.  haha

In the above photo I’m wearing an old red dress that I had sitting in the back of my makeshift, temporary cardboard closet.  The dress is by ABS and I simply attached a feather plume straight off another top that I no longer wore to one of the straps for a unique, retro-glam look.

In the above photo, I’m wearing my new maternity top from Old Navy.  I normally am not a fan of Old Navy but being on this strict maternity budget, I curiously scoured the racks in hopes of finding wearable pieces.  I was glad I did because I found this cowl-neck, black and white top in the sale rack and immediately knew it had potential.  Here I topped it with a dramatic statement necklace and my comfy maternity leggings bought from Target which secretly has a belly band that rises up to my bra line.  It’s one of the few pants I own where I really feel I can breathe and let it all go.

In the above photo, I’m wearing some frugal finds from Forever 21.  Thankfully, these skinny F21 jeans still fit.  Can you believe I paid only $12 for them?  And they stay up better than the official maternity jeans that I bought from Motherhood Maternity.  The navy cardigan from Forever 21 is banded by glam gold stripes and I love it.  The boots and tote perfectly match even though I found them at 2 different Asian stores.  So far maternity dressing is not as depressing as I had anticipated.  Let’s see how I feel once I really pop during my 3rd trimester!


After days of being sequestered without internet access, I hungrily scavenged NYC like a poverty-stricken beggar ready to do nearly anything to get myself plugged back in.  After the first couple of tries where outlets weren’t working or internet was splotchy, I finally struck gold at Screme, a NYC Expresso bar on 42nd st.  Scream is exactly what I felt like doing in response to working wifi. (woohoo!!)

Poor NY, Sandy hit us badly and my heart goes out to the thousands affected by the tragic hurricane.  My measly problems with lack of heat, electricity and running water are definitely nothing to complain about in comparison.  And I find myself thankful for life’s little luxuries now.  (Living by candlelight is only romantic for the first few hours).  I’m now contemplating how I can transfer my old clothes, books and blankets over to those who need it the most.

I wonder how the many brides in the affected areas dealt with Hurricane Sandy.  I had two friends who got married the weekend right before Sandy hit – lucky them!  But what about the others who had their wedding venues destroyed, guests unable to attend and devastation all around them?  Amazing stories of women delivering babies during the hurricane also ignite my imagination.  How would I have dealt with having to have been transferred out of NYU hospital in the middle of giving birth and during the crazy storm! And I thought walking up/down 14 flights of stairs in the dark while pregnant was stressful enough!

What I do know is that NY-ers are strong.  They are resilient beyond belief and already I see how the community  is coming together to help one another out.  As the bright lights of the big city slowly reactivate, a growing love of NY resounds.  Leave a comment here if you also heart NY!

NYC – Mindrelic Timelapse from Mindrelic on Vimeo.



Last year, I celebrated my birthday by playing with dolphins in the Bahamas with my husband.  This year, I had to work.  I found myself flying halfway across the world to run a major PR event and product launch.  And I spent my birthday on a 14 hour -turned 18hour flight (with delays) to Tokyo…not exactly how I imagined celebrating.

But this birthday was extra special for me, no matter where I ended up celebrating.  Because this birthday, I knew that I have a little one on the way.  Yes! I am expecting the birth of my first child!

It sort of explains the absence in my writing.  Not only have I been dealing with the lack of real closets in my new apartment the renovation planning and a new job, I have been dealing with an ever -growing belly – something I have trouble figuring out how to dress.  Perhaps this blog will grow into a pregnancy fashion blog for the meantime.  For now, I’m just trying to catch up on my sleep from the jet lag and pregnancy fatigue.  Hopefully, I’ll feel more fabulous when I wake up 🙂

Stay tuned for a Fab Freebie:  Goody Bag Giveaway!


Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

Things I love about NY:

  • the freedom to be who you want to be (where else can you live out every dream, dress/act/speak/live in any weird way and still be so accepted, still be so anonymous, still find your niche?)
  • endless selection (in restaurants, in people, in things to do, in shopping)
  • the eye candy (the beautiful people, the fashions, the cool hotels/lounges, the Parks, the museums, the Christmas windows)
  • the silly surprises (organized pillow fights in Union Square, Halloween doggie parades, the Easter bunny ice skating at Rockefeller Center, dancers in the subway train, Hello Kitty in Times Square)
  • the feeling you get walking down the streets the feeling of excitement, power, opportunity, romance, wonderment, glamour and possibility.

I heart New York.  What do YOU most love about NYC?

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