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Things I love about NY:

  • the freedom to be who you want to be (where else can you live out every dream, dress/act/speak/live in any weird way and still be so accepted, still be so anonymous, still find your niche?)
  • endless selection (in restaurants, in people, in things to do, in shopping)
  • the eye candy (the beautiful people, the fashions, the cool hotels/lounges, the Parks, the museums, the Christmas windows)
  • the silly surprises (organized pillow fights in Union Square, Halloween doggie parades, the Easter bunny ice skating at Rockefeller Center, dancers in the subway train, Hello Kitty in Times Square)
  • the feeling you get walking down the streets the feeling of excitement, power, opportunity, romance, wonderment, glamour and possibility.

I heart New York.  What do YOU most love about NYC?


Like most girls, I played with Barbies in my younger years.  I vividly remember living my pink- filled fantasy life vicariously through her.  Except my Barbie’s life was not nearly as fab as it should have been. (Parents refused to buy me the pink mansion, Cadillac and other necessary accroutrements).  So my homeless Barbie had to sleep in a makeshift bed made from my shoebox and my mom’s Stayfree maxipad (I was a creative kid).  And during the day, she played with my brother’s G.I.J.O.E.s because there was no Ken and there was no Skipper. But in my eyes, Barbie was beautiful with or without all the fancy stuff that my friends’ Barbie’s had.  I loved her long silky blonde hair and the bright blue eyes.  Little did I know back then how impossible her hip to waist ratio was nor did I understand the feminist backlash against Barbie.  I only yearned to be and look like her (tough feat for an Asian girl like me!)

But this Russian beauty, Valeria Lukyanov seems to have taken her Barbie obsession to an extreme!  Like the song goes, “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…I’m a blond bimbo girl, in the fantasy world dress me up, make it tight, I’m your dolly” she has dressed up and become a Barbie girl in her own little Barbie world!

There has been a lot of recent debate about whether she is real or not given her exaggerated measurements,and possibly airbrushed and plastic look so I did a little investigation and found the below video of miss Barbie revealing one of her transformations, okay this was not the traditional Barbie look but it was the only before and after makeover video available online.  Check out this fascinating make-up tutorial.  I don’t know if it was the mystical music but I found this video quite mesmerizing.

I actually picked up a trick and will have to try out her nose contouring tip.  Through the ever-handy Youtube, I found another Barbie wanabe, this time a young Asian girl!  Turns out you CAN be Asian and still look like Barbie!  Watch this!
And below is quite possibly the most life-like doll face.  This 15 year old named, “Venus Angelic” reveals her magical makeover and achieves an anime-like doll face below.   What do you think of all this?

You Barbie fans should read my earlier article on Barbie’s closet, found at NY Fashion week or Barbie’s Vegas hotel room found here.


I don’t remember who coined the term Greige (an inbetween color between beige and grey) but it has stuck with me ever since.

Here is my greige outfit that I wore to work.

It’s a one-piece that I found at  a NJ Korean boutique a few years ago.  I loved the puff shoulders and velvety bottom.  It had a quiet femininity and luxe factor to it that I just couldn’t resist.  Here I styled it with some textured tights and silver accessories.  I will wear it without the tights now that it has become warmer.  What do you think?

Below are some other greige dresses that I came across online. How would you style these?

Here is a similar dress from Burberry London.

I’m also loving this greige colored peplum blouse.

And here is the perfect setting to wear all these pieces!

If you love this color palette, click here for a greige inspiration board.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter to win a Van Cleef and Arpels inspired necklace and matching earring set here.




I love my job.  And it’s days like today that remind me of why.  Yes, I put in another long, 10-hour day.  Yes I had to keep my energy high while skipping lunch and multi-tasking my way through all the chaos.  But I also stepped into a fun strategy meeting about launching a new cosmetics brand at our store and ended up painting my nails during the meeting.  Yes, I painted my nails during a work meeting and in fact was encouraged to do so in order to try on the product.  So I walked into the meeting with embarrassingly ugly, undone nails and walked out with hot pink, freshly manicured ones! Who would have thought that I could get away with this stuff?  It all started when my boss tried the nail polish and fell in love with it.  Watching her paint her nails inspired me to do the same and quickly, I had a fresh new manicure!  The best part was when my gay best friend/co-worker picked up the light pink bottle and proceeded to polish his hands…hilarious 🙂

Here are some of my favorite nail fashions, images all collected from my Pinterest account where you can follow me for all my latest inspirations!


Source: netvibes.com via Fab on Pinterest


If you haven’t already, there is still time to enter to win a necklace and matching earring set from Sweet Fashion Deals here!


I’m so excited.  I just discovered Pixlr, a free Photoshop-like tool that helps you add text to photos, edit and add all sorts of treatments.  Look here!


Hi everyone!  How was your new year’s celebration? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. How did you celebrate? 

Normally, in my younger years, I would have gone out to celebrate with all my friends at some hot NY nightclub and danced the night away in my newest dress.  The past couple of new years with my new hubby though have been so much more low key.  Instead of sipping champagne and rocking out to the latest tunes, last year for instance, we found ourselves sitting solemly with my parents at a Korean church back in my hometown.  We didn’t even know when new year’s had arrived since the pastor didn’t do a countdown or anything.  I considered suggesting he add it into his sermon but resisted.  As much as it was meaningful, it was a bit anti-climatic to say the least.  This year, we celebrated in Chicago.  We watched the fireworks from my brother’s amazing bachelor pad and I hugged my shih tzu as my new hubby and family stood beside me.

Teddy is my furbaby.  How I missed him!

Here we are roaming the park outside my brother’s place.More on what I WOULD have worn had we done a more typical new year’s eve celebration in my next post!


I’ve taken a little blogging hiatus during the pre-holiday season but just wanted to check-in for a moment to wish you all a happy holiday.  May the remainder of the year be filled with fun, friends and laughter!


You know how lazy parents sit their rowdy kids in front of the TV and use Disney movies as a babysitting device?  I use the same technique with my husband.  I sit him in front of the computer and let him play his PC videogames and he’s as happy as a kid watching Harry Potter for the first time.  Right now my cute baby is enthralled with his new Batman game.  I find him so adorable -his giant headphones wrapped around his head, pajama back facing me, monitor showing how he’s saving the world.

With hubby out of the way, I get the “me” time I need.  That means I get full control of the remote and get to catch up on all my DVR-ed shows.  I’m a little back-logged and have to catch up on Fashion Hunters,  Secrets of  a Stylist, My Fair Wedding, Gossip Girl, The Nate Berkus Show and Dina’s Party.  While this fabulousity plays in the background, I blog my heart away, catch up on other bloggers’ and fashion newsletter’s posts and respond to personal emails.  Then if I still haven’t had enough, I Facebook to see what all my friends are up to. All the while, my hubby is wearing a cape in his little fantasy world.

I never got into video games.   I thought Donkey Kong  was dopey and  Q-bert and Pac Man more frustrating than fun once you got past a certain stage.  Then Tetris came along and the strategy side of the game intrigued me until I felt my eyes going blind.  The games failed to turn  me into an addict.  But now, all that may have changed.  I think I may have finally found a videogame suited for a girly girl like me!

It’s a styling game called, “instant stylist” where you help to accessorize an InStyle magazine outfit by dragging and dropping items from the right and watching your score change accordingly.  I blissfully played and wondered if I could ever get bored of this.  haha I think InStyle made this game for me!   Though I didn’t agree with all their final answers, I enjoyed the challenges and laughed to myself thinking how different this was from Batman.  Try it out and tell me what you think!


So how did you all spend your Halloween weekend?  I spent it doing a little getaway.  Last year I was in Germany.  This year I was in NJ – Long Beach Island, NJ that is.  Certainly not as exotic, I know.  But still a first for me.  AND I had a blast (partly because I was with great friends, partly because I experienced my first-ever haunted hay ride, spooky maze and a spooktacular trail).  Here’s a daytime pic of me on the beach in my new fair isle sweater from Marshall’s.  Not bad for $30, right?

I came back to my pinterest account and found some adorable halloween pins that I had to share with all of you.  These images prove that Halloween doesn’t have to be cheesy and tacky.  Halloween can actually be fashionable.  Check out my favorite Chanel-inspired shots!I’ll have to copy this carving next year.

I would love if someone made me this costume in an adult size!  What do you think?  Are these fab or what?


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