Barbie hotel

Girls, grab your favorite friends and enjoy a fantasy (Barbie) world of fashion and fun!  And no, it’s not in Malibu;  Barbie’s house is in Las Vegas.  The Palms Casino partnered with the ever-fabulous Jonathan Adler, one of my favorite designers to create a real-life Barbie hangout. And it’s only available until June this year when Barbie turns 51.  So if you’re singin’ “I’m a Barbie, let’s go party ah ah yeaaahh” click here but I warn you, the prices may burst your pretty pink bubble .

This sure beats the make-believe Barbie house I created when I was a child.  (I didn’t have the coveted Barbie mansion so I created makeshift rooms that included a shoebox with my mom’s maxipad for Barbie’s bed).

Recently, I added to this pitiful childhood Barbie collection (which included this sorry bed and 1 Barbie doll) at NY’s ’09 fashion week where Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday. .
I was psyched as any little girl to have her very own, limited edition, NY fashion week Barbie
and I was tempted as everyone else was to rip off and take home one of the Barbies displayed behind me (inside the famed Bryant Park tents).

But alas, I managed to show a little restraint and happily watched the fashion show instead.  Click here to see photos of the runway models turned real-life Barbies!   Full video of the show in case you missed it is below.  As the song goes, “You can brush their hair, undress them anywhere…”

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