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I firmly believe in women supporting other women and had this vision of gathering mommy bloggers who cover fashion in NYC together for an inspiring networking session.  The vision came to life last week when these beautiful women came dressed in black and white to match the event’s theme.


Upon arrival, guests delved deep into meaningful conversations with the icebreaking opening question, ‘what is your blog’s greatest highlight and challenge these days.”  We mixed and mingled and got to one another’s businesses.  I find that asking the right questions sparks the most interesting conversations.


nyc mom bloggers

All the food and decor was black and white which was easy for me because this is a favored theme of mine and I happen to own a ton of it already.  So I simply used old damask curtains as linens, lined my party platters with damask papers, bought black and white beverages and placed all the salads and light bites into black/white containers that I already owned.

nyc bloggers

IMG_9957 IMG_9984

Here’s a closer look at the f&b table.  The custom cake pops and #fab_mom cookies are by Angela from Sweet Fix, a NY based, fellow mompreneur. You’ll see that the sushi, black and white desserts and drinks continued the black and white theme.

Plus we had VROU, our water sponsor offering tastings of all their enriched water flavors.


vrou waterI couldn’t have set this all up without the help of my friend and special speaker of the night, Hope McGrath who came in a couple hours early to help setup and greet guests.

event production

The two of us have started working side by side, once a week on similar business strategies and in doing so have worked out an in-trade partnership where we trade hours working and helping one another on each other’s special events.  It is this sort of creative collaboration that I’m hoping would inspire others to do the same at this event and beyond.


hope mcgrath

Hope, who is now a transformational life coach, (doesn’t her name sound like she was born to do this??)  led a helpful exercise which required everyone to reconsider and practice their elevator pitch.

nyc event

The goody bags had further information on how to follow-up and further refine that pitch.


Throughout the event, new connections and friends were made, requests on how we could support each other were verbalized, and we all left feeling a little more rejuvenated and motivated.

nyc mom bloggers IMG_0078 IMG_0107

And thanks to Tricia from Roden + Fields we received some pampering and oohed and ahhed at all the amazing before/after photos of people who have used her products.

tricia demas anderson IMG_9976

At the end of the event, Hope randomly pulled 5 winning names for the raffles.  A special thanks goes out to the following raffle sponsors:  Cosabella, Roden + Fields, Soul Cycle, and Kidville Fidi.


NY stock exchange

Special thanks to goody bag sponsors:

And thanks to all my #fab_mom friends!  Remember to tag #fab_mom on your mommy and me pics on Instagram, follow @fab_kids and @fabgabblog and enter for your chance at a feature!



Congrats to Delilah who won the deluxe NYFW goody bag for being our very first guest to arrive!

goody bag

And special thanks goes out to the event photographer for the night, Regi Brown!

Go check him out for his photography and videography services!

starck park


For a chic take on the traditional Christmas party, why not go with a black, white and gold color palette?  The combo is oh so elegant and glam.  Check out the inspirational collages that I made below!

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I love the classic black and white combination so much that I had considered it for my own wedding.  That is until I fell in love with the New York Palace  and that venue’s color theme did not work with it.  If I had gotten married say at the Oheka Castle, I might have gone with this sort of theme.


Damask, stripes, polka dots, black white and gold details!

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I just finished another episode of Gossip Girl- every fashionista’s favorite show.  Ever since Sex and the City ended, Gossip Girl has sashayed it’s way into all our hearts and filled up our empty DVR spots.  I just love this shot of Blair where she’s wearing this gorgeous bow-tie blouse in a houndstooth print.

Having just finished up a style diary entry on my houndstooth outfit, I thought I’d do a round-up of other houndstooth patterned picks. Tell me if you too, see anything here that you like!

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I love this fall weather.  I can break out my new fall fashions and wear somewhat impractical items such as this loop scarf that fails to do what a scarf is made to do, warm your neck.  Still, I love it.  What girl doesn’t like something with a little sparkle?

Here, I’m wearing a scarf, cashmere cowl neck sweater and shoes all from Saks.  The zippered leather skirt is Tessuto and the Chanel purse is for sale here!  Want a deal on Chanel?  This is your chance!

In the next outfit, I’ve paired the black bling scarf with a vintage suit that I stole from my mom’s closet and had hemmed shorter. I love the poof shoulders and cropped sleeves.

I had to beg for an entire year before she finally gave it up.  What a way to teach a child persistence, right?  Here, I’ve paired it with a simple white shirt, flower brooch (to cover a moth hole haha) and boots from Forever 21.  I painted that shoe shelving unit myself by the way.  For more on my personal style, click through to my style diary.



On Saturday I saw Eva Minge’s fashion show, a relatively amateur production showing a limited collection of black and white fashion.

I mean what event planner would choose a venue with dangerous cords and wires down the dark alleyways and forget to adequately staff the check-in desk leaving everyone waiting forever (painfully in heels mind you), in a dark winding basement hallway with (gasp) no air conditioning?  Needless to say, the first impression lacked.  The organizers seemed anything but organized as they rushed to and fro seemingly lacking focus and direction.  The event planner in me sympathized with their situation but not enough to steal my attention away from the tasty taco I just bought from a street vendor across the street.  A fashionista who has been trekking around NYC on heels has got to eat!

All of you regular readers know how I love the classic black and white combo.  But even I got bored with the combo…  I mean really, 50+ black and white looks down one runway?  Did the designer run out of budget for additional fabrics and only have the money to buy 2 colors in bulk?  The London based stylist that I met at the show critiqued that the collection seemed all over the place, ranging from swimwear and lingerie to men’s looks, women’s work outfits, to sexy going out clothes and formal wear.  And I agreed.  The sequence of presentation sometimes seemed off and we both agreed that there needed to be increased drama, energy and pace.  Critiques aside though, there were some pieces that peaked my interest.  The blazers with zipper detail were interesting and the asymmetrical white dress with black bandau top (see below) would be great for a skinny little pop star (which I am not so I’ll stick with the more work-appropriate blazer). What was hilarious to me was that the London stylist, noted how this collection would never take off well in London because apparently that last name, “Minge” translated into “cunt” there.  day -am!

Had I known the show was going to be so black and white, I might have worn a similarly themed ensemble.  But instead I wore a cream bubble dress by Bebe (also worn in a different way in this blog entry) and topped it off with an old French Connection sweater vest and Michael Kors gold studded belt from Saks.

Did anyone else out there watch this runway show?  If so, what did you think of the collection and production?




In one of my earlier style diary posts, I wrote about how Olivia Palermo’s outfit inspired mine that day. 

And it all started with this H&M cheap and chic find from the sale rack for only $15.  In the above picture, I’ve winterized the classically cut sheath with tights, booties, a hat, cardigan and belt.  (For outfit details see earlier post).

As you know I try to never wear an outfit the same way twice.  It’s my somewhat ineffective way to keep myself from getting bored of my clothes.  How do you keep from getting bored of your fashions?

I constantly need to edit and update my wardrobe.  Perhaps it is a side effect of working in retail.  After all, there is constant temptation by the latest, newest and more fashionable items.  You’re constantly in want of what’s new and suddenly the old clothes sitting in your perfectly fine closet at home just don’t seem good enough or enough period.  But really, before I worked in retail, my personal obsession has always been fashion.  I’ve always struggled with being satisfied with the overflowing closet already at home.  It’s so easy to tire of what’s in your closet, isn’t it?  Aren’t you always craving the next new thing?  I never understood how people could stand to wear the same thing over and over, year after year.  My husband wears out his clothes until he bores holes through them and even then, he’ll practically throw a fit if you try to convince him to stop wearing it.  I. do. not. understand.

To keep my budget in check and to keep the inevitable boredom from setting in, the personal styling challenge helps keep things interesting!  Here are a couple more ways that I’ve worn the same dress throughout the past year.

For work, I’ve paired the dress with my black blazer as well as my more summery white blazer (also from H&M).  It’s pictured here.

I got these crazy white/black heels while on a trip to Shanghai, the black biker cuff was from Claire’s of all places, and the purse was a gift that I’ve since given away.

For the summer, I took the same dress and color palette as the first outfit except I switched out the winter accessories for bare legs, sexy stilettos, a BCBG suede belt and then ditched the cardigan.

I find this dress to be so versatile and am happy to report that I’m not quite done with it yet.  I can do so much with the black and white graphic print.  Add a pop of color with the accessories, purse, shoes or cardigan and you have a bolder overall look.  Layer a shirt on top of the dress and convert it into what looks like a graphic skirt – in fact I think that will be my next fashion move.  This $15 investment is going a long way!




Fashion has a way of making you want to purchase things you really don’t need.  Take a look through any woman’s closet and you’ll see multiples of everything.  My latest don’t-need-but-had-to-have was my black scarf with metallic dots, discovered at Off 5th.  Its modern cut (it’s already pre-formed into a loop that you can wear long or double-up) is what helped me rationalize the purchase.  “I’m updating my winter look” er so I thought.  In actuality, this scarf isn’t even fit for a chilly fall being that it is practically sheer and so lightweight.  If I were honest with myself at checkout I’d have realized it was far less practical of a purchase and simply an impulsive fashion update.

Here it is with my mom’s vintage suite (skirt hemmed higher), flower brooch, masculine boots and Chanel purse.

What was your latest impulse buy?

I’m thinking of doing a shopping haul pictorial round-up and/or shopping video for my blog.    Any interest in seeing what I bought over Thanksgiving week?

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Anyone who reads my blog knows I love black and white.  Add damask, and my heart starts pumping like it does when I near Chanel.

Here’s my latest fab fete collage.


I just bought myself my very first pre-loved bag through Avelle, otherwise known as Bag Borrow or Steal.  It’s a bold, black and white striped Chanel bag with the iconic chain strap.  And I absolutely adore it!

Here, I’m wearing a Forever 21 blouse, puff-sleeve black cardigan from H&M, Aldo shoes and a skirt from a Korean boutique.  I love the black and white top.  It’s very Chanel-inspired.

Trench coat shown below is by Sinclaire, an exclusive designer to Saks.

I love pairing black and white. Here’s another recent outfit.

dress and blazer – H&M, shoes –  Vivayou  ,purse – ChanelCan you believe I bought this dress for only $15?

Pictured above is an outfit I wore this past spring (weekend brunch):

  • striped blazer – H&M
  • lace tank – Forever 21
  • ruffled skirt – SP (bought at Daffy’s)
  • patent leather purse – Express
  • wedges – Temptation
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