Fashion Week

I surprised Juliet at school pick-up with the announcement that we were seeing a couple NYFW shows and she screamed in delight.  haha only a true minifashionista at age 4 would be so excited.  So off we went in our matching Mommy and me outfit (tees by Ba Ba Bling Kids for which Juliet is a brand rep, black chokers, and red plaid).


We were psyched to score front row seats for Dennis Basso!

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The fashions were fur-ocious!  Here is a sampling from the runway.

dennis basso runway, dennis basso runway show 2017

I’m loving the caramel, fur, and glittery details!  So glam, as always!

Post-show, we explored the NYFW lounge and took some fun mommy and me snapshots to commemorate our day.

nyfw fashionistas, eonline photo booth

Next up was the Carmen Marc Valvo fashion presentation at Pier 59 where we ran into Alec Baldwin, his wife and their daughter who was visibly excited to see another minifashionista around her age.  The scene was packed so we had to be quick.  Here’s Juliet admiring the fashion models.

carmen marc valvo fw2017, carmen marc valvo model, carmen marc valvo nyfw

The bright orange accordian pleated dress reminded me of a similar dress that I own in green except mine comes with a belt.  I think this orange dress needs a belt too, what do you think? IMG_1052 I’m finding a lot of orange on the runway so far..maybe that will be next new color.  Time will tell!  We’re only half way through with NYFW.  Anyways, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s and I hope that you were able to share it with someone as cute as my little date.  Thanks for reading!  ‘Til next time!




northwest at fashion show north west

Unlike Northwest, my minifashionista does not whine, squirm and cry when waiting for a fashion show to start.  Quite the opposite, she giggles with nearby (new) friends, tries out her own runway walk, and claps and bops to the music.

IMG_5786 IMG_0829


kids at fashion week IMG_0924 IMG_0945

Post-fashion show, she can’t seem to get enough and asks to see more videos of her experience.  And she does this EVERYDAY.  Just like mommy, she can’t seem to get enough of fashion week.  Here are some of of the looks from our favorite fashion show this year, Little Miss Galia.

imoga finale

The clothes from Miss Galia’s collection looked special, luxe and girly.  I loved the styling details with the birdcage veils, gloves and fur collar toppers and want to dress Juliet in each and every look.  This is the brand to shop if your little girl wants a little glam!

Above photo from Kim Myers Photography

Finally, here is a great video wrap-up of Petite Parade’s Kids Fashion Week.  (We are at the 55 second mark).




It was my 14th year of attending NY Fashion Week – that’s 24 seasons and counting, fashionistas!  This particular F/W 2013 season with the nemo snowstorm and with me being 36 weeks pregnant made it extra memorable.  It’s not everyday that you have to deal with hail, wind and ice along with kicks from within, pregnancy insomnia and the general inability to bend over.  Luckily I had a great team in place and less sponsored shows to manage in order to help deal with the 7 NYFW Moroccanoil sponsored fashion shows (down from 23 NYFW shows last season).  They literally did the heavy lifting for me.  I just had to safely waddle my way over.

Check out my blog’s FB page for the photos and Twitter or Instagram for some of the behind the scenes updates!

Today, after finishing up my behind the scenes work duties for Badgley Mischka, I raced to the show next door within Lincoln Center, for Vera Wang (or as fast as my pregnant waddle could let me).  And I was surprised to see this one very fashionable front row guest sitting all by her lonesome self.

Where was her Vogue entourage?  And what was she doing arriving so early as the first and only guest?  Hadn’t she heard of being fashionably late?

The paparazzi certainly took notice.  Flashbulbs surrounded her which is when I snapped the above shots while in amazement of my lucky Anna Wintour sighting.  When most of the paparazzi craze died down, without hesitating, I impulsively asked her whether I could have  a picture with her.  Knowing this would be my most major NY Fashion Week highlight, I suddenly wished I could call back one of the pro photographers to snap the shot for me but  alas, I was left with my one-handed outstretched arm for the below amateur photo.

Fashion orgasm!  I don’t even smoke and I felt I needed a cigarette after this encounter. Little does this woman know that I once spent a painstaking hour last fashion week, waiting out in the cold after a brutally long 16hour (fashion week) work day to catch a glimpse of her and have her sign my September Vogue.  (read all about it here)

I left wondering how such an A-lister could be so foolish as to show up so prematurely at a NY Fashion Week show.  Doesn’t she know she is prime prey for fashion-crazed stalkers like me?  🙂

Thanks Anna!  You made my day and made this fashion week all that much more memorable!


I love the idea of a fashionable carnival.  In fact, I created an entire store event around the theme which you can read all about here.

So when I saw how the carnival carousel was customized by two of fashion’s most influential brands, I had to take notice.  Can you even believe how Chanel customized a revolving carousel out of all their most famous icons.  See if you can spot them all, the CCs, pearls, bow and more.


I think the finale is the best when surprisingly, the icons become moving parts that the models elevate and descend with.  And I love how Karl leads the model pack away from the carousel as he takes his finale walk.  It just emphasizes the fact that he has so many followers.

Yesterday night, I squealed in delight when I saw a similar fashion show- this time led by Louis Vuitton.   As you’ll see here, the staging and production value was just as breathtaking and awe-inspiring.  This time the models started on the carousel and modeled off the stage, with the designer entering the stage and walking a full round, no models in sight, quite the opposite of how the Chanel show was produced.  It’s interesting to see how they tried to change it up in order not to be accused of stealing Chanel’s carousel runway idea.  But we all know they did, right?

A-MAZING, no?  I simply adored the clothes on the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway!  I loved the pastel palette, ladylike silhouettes, shine, sparkle and feathery drama.  Being a major Chanel fan, I feel like a traitor for admitting this but I preferred the clothes off the Louis Vuitton runway! As far as the runway staging and production go though, I revert to my Chanel loyalty.  I preferred Chanel’s customized carousel and Karl’s grand exit.  So, FabGabBlog readers, whose runway show did YOU like more?



The Heart Truth Red Dress Fashion Show was a terrific way to kick-off NY fashion week today.  I’ll write more about the actual fashion show soon.  For now I’d like to present you the chance to win the goody bag from the show (note: I’ve stuffed it with even more goodies for my fabgabblog readers!)

___UPDATE.  Dana has won.  but you can check back because next week I’ll have another fashion week giveaway!

All you have to do is comment here + and again in 2 other entries.  for an additional entry, add a link to this entry in your Facebook, blog or twitter and leave the link url as a comment!

What you’ll win:

  • a Carmen Marc Valvo designed, “the heart truth” canvas bag (also reads AOL)
  • thank you cards from Pear Tree
  • notebook from BRIDES
  • adhesive nails
  • a key favor
  • L’oreal infallible lipstick stars collection
  • lip gloss by Artistry
  • Pantene shampoo and conditioner
  • hand creme by Shima + Sahai
  • purse mirror by BRIDES
  • L’oreal sample hair care
  • Shopaholic mints
  • Mrs. Meyers liquid dish soap
  • Red Door perfume sample
  • Sferra linen
  • tons of coupons and promo booklets
  • Nicole Miller perfume sample

Good Luck and watch out for more goody bag giveaways this week!

Must be a U.S. resident to enter.  Please leave a valid email so I can notify you of your winning!


I viewed a bunch of emerging designers this past fashion week, one that still stands out in my mind is Mimkho, a NY-based designer who reportedly looked to her Russian roots for inspiration.  I had to wonder if she didn’t just steal from The Sound of Music instead.  Wearing old world fabrics reminiscent of what you might find hanging over granny’s windows, Mimkho’s models marched militantly down the runway.

photos by Susan S. Choi

Given that the”1917 revolution, WWII, and the Communist Era” were themes that she explored, the model’s stomps and serious expressions were right in line.


Gone are the good ole’ days when fashion week meant a cabinet re-filled with fashionable freebies.  Below is a sentimental sample of what one week of fashion shows USED to yield.

Yes, that’s DKNY branded champagne, and no free magazines weren’t included in this pictorial summary.

My favorite freebies were always the certificates for spa, restaurant and gym experiences.


Fashionistas flock to NY fashion week and use the Bryant Park tent walkways as their own personal runway.  Here is just a glimpse of the glamour inside.

Annamaria Chen

Rachel Fabra

Rachel Wang

Crystal Renn

Leckie Roberts

Annie Lee


photo by Susan S. Choi

The grey hoodie dress  hid the hair but it sure wasn’t hiding her badunkadunk.  Though she stood at the opposite end of the room, I instantly recognized that famous bubble butt and knew the Kardashian knockout had arrived (late 35min. to her own Bebe show at that but she had ARRIVED!

photo by Susan S. Choi

“I’m wearing an outfit from our line. I think we just wanted stuff that was sexy and edgy and represented me Kourt and Khloé.” – Kim

Other celebrity sightings included fellow reality stars from “Housewives of NY”,  “The Jersey Shore”, Jay Manuel and the petite ninja warriors from America’s Next Top Model.

“I think the show went really well.  Everyone was so anticipating this line and you know it’s been a long morning of excitement.  It’s always a big rush backstage and I’m just so glad that I was able to sit in the front row and enjoy the show and just see how the pieces fit on the models and you know, when they’re walking, the flow of it and you know it was such a great feeling to sit in the front row and know that these are  my pieces that I’ve designed and um  it’s really really a  great feeling.” – Kim after the show

Here’s a video of Kim getting interviewed (it seems she’s not the best at using proper sentences). If you see the Asian girl wearing pink in front row, that’s me.


Bebe goody bag contents:

  • black tote bag ( I must have collected a hundred of these totes through the 10years of fashion weeks that I’ve attended)
  • Bebe perfume (uh can you say “re-gift?”)
  • sample of Kim Kardashian’s new perfume (smells great, sort of reminiscent of Tom Ford’s men’s cologne though)
  • Tigi Volumizing hair spray (awesome.  I could use new hairspray)
  • coupon for Toni & Guy (in Hoboken NJ? yea right..)
  • heart shaped candies (couldn’t be cuter)
  • Pop chips (I’m so addicted to these, I went out and bought a big bag for me to munch on at home!)  Brand managers, take note:  product insertions into goody bags really DO work 🙂

Mimkho goody bag contents:

  1. Russian chocolate bar and candies
  2. after party invite (not attending)
  3. buttons that I’ll never wear

(basically a very big bag for a whole ‘lotta nothing)

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