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Halloween for us is a fun-filled whirlwind of non-stop costume changes and back-to-back festivities.  It’s a blast cuz we love dressing up and getting creative.  Here are some make-at-home kids Halloween costumes that I’ve created from things already in J’s closet costing me $0.  These are all easy DIY costumes that you could try at home too.

1). China doll

china doll

Accessorize a qipao with a Chinese takeout box and/or matching Chinese fan and layer a matching dress or tutu underneath for extra warmth and flair and voila, you’ve got a costume!  I just happened to have these crazy baby wiglets (which are all the rage in Asia) to help complete the costume-y look.

easy toddler costumes

2).  80s Aerobics Instructor

My tiny dancer already has a collection of leotards, tights and leggings so all I had to do was cut up a sweatshirt, make a sweatband (with two old white socks tied together) and have her carry a blow-up boombox (a take-home gift from a friend’s birthday party).  Let’s get physical!!

3).  Bride

This year we also re-used J’s baptism dress (can’t believe it still fits, only shorter)!  I bobby pinned extra tulle that I already had to her hair, topped her off with a tiara, and gave her flowers to carry with something blue and tada, she’s a baby bride!

easy kids costumes

4).  Doll

Her recital costume topped off with a sparkly bow and matching shoes made for a cute doll costume. But you could take any frilly doll-like dress (try vintage styles) and convert it into a dolly outfit.

easy kids costumes

If I had more time I would have loved to have made her a wind-up attachment like this.  But alas, mommy was too worn out from planning and executing the BOO-tiful Halloween Bash from the night before to DIY this.


You could also have used makeup to draw in long dolly lashes and rosy cheeks but again, this mom ran out of energy. baby doll

5). Rainbow

rainbow costume

I couldn’t keep a straight face when I dropped of J at school like this. She was the fluffiest, frilliest ball of awesomeness.  We basically piled on all her tutus and accessorized with matching tights, socks, bow and flag.  Tutu Cute!

6).  Coco Chanel

If you’re a die-hard Chanel fan like we are, perhaps dressing like Coco Chanel is for you.  Think quilting, Chanel-like chains, pearls, white and black and classic silhouettes.  We happen to have a Coco doll which we replicated with a quilted white dress.

coco chanel

7).  Anna Wintour

For the Haute Halloween party that I hosted for fab kids in NYC, J and I both dressed as Anna Wintour.  This was a fairly easy make-at-home costume as well.  anna wintour costume

For more on how to dress like Karl Lagerfeld, Andre Leon Talley and other fashion icons, see my earlier post about Haute Halloween costumes!

8).  Nerd

nerd costume IMG_0796

Think bowties, suspenders, pocket protectors, and black-rimmed glasses plus add some back-t0-school accessories and you’ve got an easy DIY costume.  Check out all the nerdy fashions from my back-to-school play dates in NYC here!

And stay tuned to see all the details from this year’s Halloween bash!










I started @fab_kids on Instagram as part of my growing obsession with minifashionistas from around the world.  I loved how the internet put me in touch with fashion-obsessed moms like myself and allowed access into the lives, wardrobes and stylings of the littlest trendsetters of them all – their adorable kids.  Here is a quick review of some of my favorite Fab Kids fashion moments of 2014.  Who’s your favorite??


kids fashion instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-05-25 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-06-02 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-08-00 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-10-15 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-11-03 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-11-24 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-15-08 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-16-12 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-17-48 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-23-45 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-24-22

Then there’s all the pairings, trios and multiples that were just so cute they blew your mind!

fashionable kids instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-13-32 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-22-06 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-22-30 instagram.com_2014-12-30_22-29-26

kids halloween

As you can see, kids these days are accessorizing to the nines and really upping the fashion standard on your local playground!  I think we could all learn a thing or two from these little lookers.  Follow @fab_kids for daily inspiration!  And here’s to another fabulous year in 2015!

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