Juicy couture balloons

Balloons signal celebration and happiness.  And usually they’re associated with kid’s parties or an earlier carefree childhood.  But have you noticed how these days, fashion designers and savvy event planners have incorporated them as part of their fashionable visual? I was struck by the recent popularity of balloons as fashionable decor during a recent 5th Ave. stroll.

See below how the luxurious label, LVMH crowded their window display with customized balloons as their main visual interest.

About a month ago, Henri Bendel used clustered balloons in their signature brown and white theme.  Notice how clutches hold them down?

And Tiffany’s displayed unique half-mannequins holding a cluster of balloons that made me want a ton of balloons for my next birthday.The Tiffany’s store display reminded me of Juicy Couture, a brand that loves balloons.  Their iconic ad features a model being carried away by a bunch of helium balloons and fittingly, Juicy’s launch party was filled with balloons sort of bringing the ad to life.

The Juicy ad reminds  me of this picture I saw of beautiful LVMH logo-ed balloons.

I found this image through a new blog I like.  http://pinklemonadedesign.blogspot.com/ which covers similar topics that FabGab loves.

There are many ways in which balloons can also be incorporated in a chic way at events (catered to adults, not kids).  Amy Atlas, an event planner I featured recently,  incorporated enlarged white balloons in her dessert table presentation.  See below.I also loved this photo of another classy event from “A Bride in the Making”  featured at Martha Stewart.com

Other event images that make me want a balloon-filled birthday party…

Is anyone else in the mood to celebrate?  What do you think?  Are balloons a chic addition to an event?  What about the idea of having friends bring and sign a helium balloon in replacement of the traditional birthday card to your next birthday party?  The above should inspire unique photo opps and event planning.  Let me know what you think!

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