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In my last nerd fashion post, I spoke about how nerds ruled the runway and how nerds were featured as popular ad campaigns.  As a continuation, this post features revenge of the nerds on the real-way.  How are real people interpreting the trend?

To me, nerd fashion can be summed up as

nerd=Striped cardigan+ high waisted shorts+ white socks pulled up+ hats with the brims folded up+ round collared shirts+ loafers+ oversized or black rimmed glasses.

Here are pictures of real fashionistas who rocked the nerd look.  Below is Keiko Lynn from Brooklyn, a fellow Chictopian making black framed glasses look ultra sexy.

Another Chictopian pictured above and below, amanda brohman who is wearing white-delias-shirt, blue-cardigan, blue-jeans-brown-mossimo-shoes.

Is anyone else intrigued by this Nerd trend?

And would YOU rock the nerd glasses?

Olivia Palermo, my style icon, rocked the nerd glasses at a NY fashion show recently.

Here’s how fellow Polyvore fashionistas interpreted the trend through online collage sets.  And you know how much I love collages!


I admit, I’ve always been a fan of the nerd.  Heck, some would even say I AM one.  In any case, I’ve always thought that Smart was sexy.  And finally, the fashion world seems to agree. Jil Sander, Victor & Rolf, (shown here)

Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dries Van Noten all had a nerd theme running through their runways.   Here are some pics from Wenlen’s Twinkle runway.

And here is Miranda Kerr’s new nerd look in the Fall 2010 Jil Sander campaign below.

My favorite nerdy ad campaign however, came from Forever 21  See below.

But no need to study all the runways and ad campaigns, just think black framed glasses and nerdy cardigans as shown in the below Wren lookbook photo.

What do you think?  Are you ready to release the nerd in you?

I’m looking for fab nerd looks on real people so if you have any photos you’d like to share, please comment here with your photo url and if I like it, I’ll include it in my follow-up entry on nerdy looks on real fashionistas!

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