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Miss China, Miss Korea, Miss Japan

Ok, so if you’ve been following my blog, you know I love pageants.  The glitz, the glamour, the eye candy and imagined cat fights backstage are all tantalizingly alluring to the girly girl in me.  I remember pageant nights were one of the only nights I, as a kid growing up in a small town in MI was able to stay up past bedtime.  My mom, dad and I would watch together and all debate on who should make the final round and of course later be crowned.

Those were the days when weight stats appeared alongside height and age.  Now the weight portion is omitted and replaced with silly random facts.  Miss Brazil I learned yesterday, “kisses her shoulders when nervous” and Miss Russia  “has a teddy bear collection”.   It was hard for me to fathom that any contestant would willingly want to be forever remembered by her famous teddy bear collection but to each her own.

This year’s contestants were gorgeous as expected but what I didn’t expect to see were so many lookalikes.  Was it just me or did Miss Hungary Agnes Konkoly resemble Rachel Bilson?

And what about Olivia Palermo resembling Olivia Culpo (Miss USA now crowned Miss Universe 2012)?

And did anyone else think Miss Venezuela 2012 Irene Sofia Esser Quintero reminded them of   Sofia Vergara?


Tonight’s the City episode’s funniest part was when the Japanese attendants at the Elle Magazine event couldn’t get over Olivia Palermo.  Olivia was surprised at how many Japanese fans she had.  I was most surprised by the Japanese fascination with the size of her face.  They were flabbergasted and had to come up for a closer look!  One even exclaimed that she couldn’t bear to take a photo next to her for fear that her her own face would look exponentially larger in comparison.  Olivia tried to laugh the first comment off by dismissing it quickly with “Oh you’re so funny.”  But when faced with continuous shrieks about the smallness of her face everywhere she turned, Olivia finally resorted to a meek “thank you.”  haha

Speaking of Japan, here are some pics of me (and my large face) from my trip to Japan!


You’ve seen my photo with Olivia at New York’s Fashion Week.   Now see her daily outfits this month at Vogue’s UK site!

photo from Vogue.com (topshop skirt N shoes, ann taylor necklace, mulberry bag)

photo from Vogue.com (vintage skirt, comptoir des cottoniers top, kurt geiger shoes)

photo from Vogue (altered dress markus lupfer leather pants from daryl k converse shoes, Hermes purse, vintage scarf)

photo from Vogue (jacket jeans adn shoes from topshop and Rebecca taylor tshirt, hermes bag, rolex watch)

I’ve always admired Olivia Palermo’s fashion sense and personal style as I think she dresses in a classy, fashionable manner – kind of sophisticated for her age too.  So it was interesting and refreshing to see how she mixes the high and low on a daily basis (something I try to do daily).  It seems she has a penchant for designer purses i.e. Hermes, and Chloe, and effortlessly mixes in vintage finds with Ann Taylor and Zara!  Here are a couple of my other favorite looks from Olivia.

Thanks to the fashion spot, we’ve got a couple examples on how anyone can copy her look for less.

photo from fashion spot.BROWN BLAZER, $42 at Yoox SCOOP-NECK SLIP, $38 at Yesstyle BIB NECKLACE, $21.44 at Kohl's BUMBLE BEE STUDS, $15 at Topshop TWEED TROUSERS, $25 at Spiegel CLASSIC RED POLISH, $7.49 at Walgreens

NAVY BLAZER, $27 at Forever 21 GOLD SQUARE NECKLACE, $100 at Anthropologie SILK TWIST-SLEEVE SLIP, $55 at Bluefly GEM STONE BELT, $37.61 at Asos JACQUARD PENCIL SKIRT, $112 at Anne Klein T-STRAP PLATFORMS, $50 at DSW OVERSIZED CLUTCH, $36 at Zara

And if you’d like more inspiration from Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe, you can actually search her name in Polyvore.com and find sets inspired by her outfits then learn where to buy each piece!

She has since moved out of her Tribeca 1bedroom but this is the only available picture of Olivia Palermo’s closet which was 63 sq. ft and made with Elfa shelves.  You know how I love the sneak peek into celebrity closets!  Here are two other recent entries about celebrity closets if you want to see more. 1. 2.


The models aren’t the only stick-skinny girls at NY fashion week.  Check out the fashionistas attending and you’d think everyone dieted all month for the event.  Case in point:  Olivia Palermo. The gorgeous doll of a girl was shockingly tiny as evidenced by her toothpick legs.  I couldn’t help but feel like a big bear in my fur coat standing next to this tiny little thing.

Here’s our pic together before the Ports 1961 runway show inside the Bryant Park tents where Olivia’s arch nemesis, Whitney Port was getting ready to watch the same show.

Pictures do really add 10lbs.  She looks skinnier in person!

Olivia later returned to model for Naomi Campbell’s “Fashion for Relief Haiti 2010” show.

For all of you Olivia fans, here’s a photo montage.

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