After much thought, we have decided to opt out of having a baby shower.  Not sure of where we’ll be stationed given our pending renovations and knowing things may be crazed during this unstable period, we decided to opt instead for a big party once the baby is born.  Perhaps we’ll combine the baby celebration with a housewarming at our place or celebrate the 100th day (a huge Korean cultural celebration).

So here I am revealing my pent up baby shower ideas for a fab fete.  Feel free to use them for your own purposes!  Here are some ideas for a Sugar and Spice themed baby girl shower.

Encourage guests to design their own onesie for the lucky baby girl and treasure the handmade precious gifts long after the baby shower ends!  To stay within color theme, offer patterns and colors that match the baby shower’s decor.  This way, when the finished onesies are shown off and pinned around the room, it doesn’t detract from the party palette.  The activity is best when there are a variety of fabrics, stencils, puffy paint and other materials to choose from.  Make sure non-artistic guests feel confident with the task by offering suggested sayings like “got milk?” that they can simply write in their own handwriting.  Stencils, stripes and polka dots are also easy for any average Joe to add on.  Ask each guest to initial the butt before taking a photo with their creation so you can forever remember who created what post-party!

Of course the star attraction for a sugar and spice themed party must be the dessert bar.  See below for inspiration and here for tips!



Think about featuring baby-sized everything! If it’s a brunch, spicy breads, baby bagels and mini cinnamon rolls for instance.  If it’s a pure dessert table, offer cake pops, macarons, min-cupcakes and small spicy snickerdoodles.






Beverages should be in-line with the party colors.  Think sugar rimmed pink champagne for the adults and pink lemonade served in baby bottles for the kids.  Or for another sweet twist on an adult drink, how about blow-pop martinis?



For a post-party sugar and spice themed favor, how about:

  • sugar exfoliating scrub
  • spicy or sweet smelling soaps
  • pink nail polish named after sweets?

all packaged to match the party colors of course?




I collected all these images through Pinterest and compiled this inspiration board by grouping images with a similar color palette. I love the soft turquoise, coral and other pastels. It’s reminiscent of my last collage shown here.  But this one has a distinctively different story.  I see here, a glamorous mom throwing a tea party for her daughter’s birthday.  She’s dressing her in her own jewels and prepping her on all the fine dining etiquette necessary to host her own tea party one day.

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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Did you all overeat, like I did?

This year, I volunteered to bake my famous pumpkin pies and for some inexplicable reason didn’t stop at that.  I also volunteered to make mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce (from scratch).  And ehem for 25 people.  Being that I only really cook during holidays and special occasions, this was quite the ambitious undertaking.  In fact it was causing me such stress that I found myself taking off from work the day before Thanksgiving just to give myself ample time to prepare.  After all, I  had to research menus, watch my Youtube videos, plan out the menu then compare the ingredients list to what I already had, make my grocery list, go shopping, spend hours sweating in the kitchen concocting my new menus and cleaning then spending the rest of the night praying that I won’t kill everyone the next day.

Phew, it was a lot to go through but now that it is over, I can re-focus on what I know I’m good at.  Styling, event planning, marketing and blogging.  That is why it is with great pleasure that I bring you my latest inspiration board pulled together from my recent pinterest finds.


Here is my inspiration board for a pastel-themed vintage style party. Come by and Follow Me on Pinterest


As a follow-up to my earlier post which featured pretty pale collages, here is another similar round-up of collage creations that I made while surfing the net for inspiration.  These are a little more event oriented and would be perfect for the bride to be who is planning a romantic, airy color palette of pale pinks and blues.

I was loving all the chandeliers, feathers, damasks and Victorian details.  These photo collages almost became part of my very own wedding’s inspiration board.  Almost.  I’ll post up my final wedding inspiration boards in my next entry.



As a continuation to my previous post on pretty pastel inspiration boards, here’s part 2. I’m on a roll..  Right now, I’m dreaming of a vintage princess themed wedding.  Not all of us can be Kate Middleton but we can dream, right?

Here’s a vintage glam inspiration board featuring the interior of the New York Palace Hotel, my dream wedding venue.

Also along the pretty pastel vintage princess theme is the below inspiration board.  I’m especially loving the cake’s pale pastel colors, feathery details and shimmery blue damask details below.  What do you think?

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