Juliet’s favorite color has been pink since the beginning of time.  So when I heard about Pietro Nolita, an all-pink restaurant in ..wait for it..Nolita, I just had to take her!  Though pink is not MY favorite color, I do love an Instagrammable scene and this one promised to be just that.  While waiting for friends to join us for lunch, we witnessed non-stop photo shoots outside the adorable, eye-catching facade and had to wait our turn to take these shots!

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Little Juliet was so happy that mommy let her wear her pink princess Aurora costume for the occasion that she belted out princess songs to the surprise and joy of pedestrians turned adoring spectators.  Much to their delight (and the restauranteurs who happily watched the mini-princess dance, sing and perform during their meal, she did this all right outside their viewing and even popped in for a view herself!


The world is her stage!

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We were overjoyed when our friends arrived and couldn’t wait to try out this intriguing place!

girls who love pink, pietro nolita, nolita restaurant IMG_1157

They loved discovering the library of pink books and pretended to read each one while we waited for our table.

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It’s a teeny restaurant and they don’t take reservations but being that it feels so unique and special, it is definitely worth the wait!  This would be the perfect place to host a girly, 20-person private party (themed in pink of course), wouldn’t it?

where to take girls in nyc, traveling in nyc with kids, traveling to nyc with girlsPink walls, pink stools, pink chairs, pink bar, pink pots..even some pink food!IMG_1168

With Italian pasta, salads, sandwiches and ROSE’ on the menu, it’s definitely a place that us moms AND kids could enjoy! Note – They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner plus cocktails til 2am!)

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We had a blast at this girly restaurant and we highly recommend it for pink and non-pink lovers alike!  For you pink lovers out there, you’ll be happy to know that they sell matching tee shirts with the quirky slogan, “pink as fuck.”

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Pietro Nolita can be found at 174 Elizabeth street off of Kenmore.

just look for all the fashionistas snapping selfies…





I guess being a mommy does change everything.  My obsessions have turned from necklaces to baby bibs.  Shopping for baby is so much fun – even more fun than shopping for yourself, dare I say!  Everything is so darn cute and in my moms words, “irresistible” which explains why grandma can’t seem to pass by a children’s department without coming home with another present for my little Juliet.

Once you start shopping for a little girl like I have though, you quickly start to bore of the generic styles that are offered in most baby departments.  You know, the pink this, pink that… same is true for baby bib shopping.  Most bibs are colored in your typical boy blue, or girly pink and have cute but overused sayings on them like “I love mommy” or “daddy’s girl.”  They’re fine but being the fashionista that I am, I was looking for something a little more special.  After scouring the world over in search of the best baby bibs, I’ve come up with these fab finds from where I like to shop for unique one-of-a-kind pieces.  Here are some vintage styled ones from Jan and Rachael that I recently bought.  Check out their shop for more handmade goodies.

etsy baby bib

My little doll seems to love the pink one the most.

juliet bib

blog pics1

The pink, personalized bib shown above, can have your sweetie’s name featured next to the necklace for just $12 by Too Cool For Drool.   That is especially nice if your baby has a unique not-often-found name.  (Apple, or North West for example)  And The Posh Pea Boutique has tons of fab patterns for your little lady to choose from (sample bibs on right).

And if you’re into black and white and/or modern patterns, look no further than these shops. (from left to right, Babiese The Posh Pea Boutique and Coral Tree)

blog pics2

Drool-worthy, huh?



Given Valentine’s day always falls during NY Fashion Week, I’m always more consumed with my first love (fashion) with little time to plan for or even celebrate V-day.  This makes for a distracting excuse when you’re single but when you’re with a significant other, it just makes you look heartless.   Luckily my husband understands how the holiday conflicts with my fashion week workload and gives me a romantic pass.  Either that or he’s just happy he doesn’t have to celebrate the most commercialized holiday next to Christmas.  Why overspend on a dinner for two when the next day, you can score an even better reservation at half the price?

I have been decompressing post-fashion-week work craze by mindlessly collecting inspirational images through my pinterest account at the end of the day and thought I’d share with you some Valentine’s inspired images for you lovelies here.  One of these days, perhaps I’ll actually get to host something special for Valentine’s.  ‘Til then, I can only fuschia and gold.


Here’s to champagne and romantic Valentine’s days!


I  just finished a turquoise inspired event and will share photos of it soon but for now, here are some fabulous photos of turquoise-themed event details!







Here’s my latest, girly glam inspiration for a fab fete!

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The last time I saw Barbie at NY Fashion Week was in 2009.  This past week during NY fashion week 2012, I got to play around in Barbie’s dream closet, a magical, glittery world of Barbie fashions, endless pink shoes and girly fantasy. Check it out!

It seems the celebrities enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

pink shoes with glittery insoles!

The best part was this interactive dressing room where you got to virtually try on Barbie’s clothes.  Check out this little girl and the outfits she tried on!

I couldn’t resist trying it myself and came home with this outfit shot!

What do you think of my Barbie dress?



I’m on the lookout for a new duvet set and ran into the below bedroom set from Horschow.  Isn’t it fit for a princess?

The Victorian molding in this room and soft pale colors are so sweet, aren’t they? This is a great bedroom set for a lucky girl which brings me to this post’s focus on girly pink boudoirs.  Fabulous!

I love this headboard and matching vanity!

This boudoir shot is so vintage glam.  And it shows you just how easy it could be to transform any ugly table into a vanity by adding some linen and a mirror topper.

Any of you regular readers know how much I adore chandeliers.  It makes this room!  Notice how the pink is repeated in the chaise, the chair cushion, candlesticks, stationary and rug.  The repeated color helps with the flow of the room and helps create the polished look.

Speaking of chandeliers, check this grand dame out!  I love the dramatic statement!  And oh how I would love something like this as my dressing room!


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As a follow-up to my earlier post which featured pretty pale collages, here is another similar round-up of collage creations that I made while surfing the net for inspiration.  These are a little more event oriented and would be perfect for the bride to be who is planning a romantic, airy color palette of pale pinks and blues.

I was loving all the chandeliers, feathers, damasks and Victorian details.  These photo collages almost became part of my very own wedding’s inspiration board.  Almost.  I’ll post up my final wedding inspiration boards in my next entry.


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