I love my job.  And it’s days like today that remind me of why.  Yes, I put in another long, 10-hour day.  Yes I had to keep my energy high while skipping lunch and multi-tasking my way through all the chaos.  But I also stepped into a fun strategy meeting about launching a new cosmetics brand at our store and ended up painting my nails during the meeting.  Yes, I painted my nails during a work meeting and in fact was encouraged to do so in order to try on the product.  So I walked into the meeting with embarrassingly ugly, undone nails and walked out with hot pink, freshly manicured ones! Who would have thought that I could get away with this stuff?  It all started when my boss tried the nail polish and fell in love with it.  Watching her paint her nails inspired me to do the same and quickly, I had a fresh new manicure!  The best part was when my gay best friend/co-worker picked up the light pink bottle and proceeded to polish his hands…hilarious 🙂

Here are some of my favorite nail fashions, images all collected from my Pinterest account where you can follow me for all my latest inspirations!


Source: via Fab on Pinterest


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Who else misses “The Hills” and “The City?”  Was anyone else a Whitney Port fan?  She was the beauty that gave good advice, and somehow avoided the easy transformation into a  fashion diva prototype.    I thought she was beautiful inside and out.  And her style was always effortless.  Here are some of my favorite Whitney Port looks.

What do you think?

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I love BHLDN the special occasion site affiliated with Anthropolgie of which I’m also a fan.  They have the most unique, vintage-inspired fashions and this video perfectly captured the brand’s quirky personality and fabulous fashions.  I could see myself wearing everything!  Who else here loves BHLDN?

Party-Ready, by BHLDN from BHLDN on Vimeo.

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