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Who here is doing a little spring cleaning or trying to pump themselves up to do so? I just spent my 1 day off running around the house like a madwoman trying to finish up all mine.  And with every spring cleaning, comes a little closet cleaning.  To help start you out, here are a few inspirational images from celeb closets to help motivate you (or depress you depending on which way you look at it…)

(Paula Abdoul’s closet above and Jessica Alba’s closet is below)

Source: via Fab on Pinterest

For more celeb closets view this link


Isn’t this shoe closet amazing?  It’s Christina Aguilera’s.  Besides the fuschia, black white combo, what also caught my eye were the chandeliers and houndstooth.  I’m loving houndstooth these days.  Not knowing there was such a word to describe the pattern, my husband once described this print as the computerized digital print.  Haha he is so NOT into fashion.  Here’s my outfit which was inspired by the room above.

Here, I’m wearing a H&M dress with an exposed zipper in the back which you can’t see, a tuxedo blazer from Bebe’s clearance rack and heels by Zara.   The purse was cheap so I think the whole outfit only costed about $150.

Now if only I could replicate these nails…


Now that I’ve moved, I’ve lost my beloved bedroom wall where I had placed a custom quote shown below.   It was frequently used for my Chictopia outfit pics  Lately with my move I’ve been relegated to whatever area had the least amount of unpacked boxes in the background, thus the series of work outfits shot at my front door. I’m excited that my mini-makeover project has been completed.  My once, cheap Ikea, floor-to-ceiling shoe closet is now a fab, fuschia photo opp!  See my before and after below and let me know what you think!

Unfortunately, this is the only shot I have of my before version but you can see the plain wood background before I painted it.

Here is my after!

Yes, I AM the Korean Imelda Marcos!


I should be able to post more frequently soon now that I have finished my move and am almost done sorting through my 10years of accumulated belongings.  The moving in process is sort of cathartic in an OCD sort of way. I’m constantly obsessing about my new decorating plans while I compulsively buy my way through Bed Bath & Beyond, TJMaxx, online wholesalers and Century 21.  I spend my days editing out unwanted items from my past while carefully selecting what to highlight and project into my future.  Because of my love for organization and disdain for clutter I can’t simply dump a box’s contents into a drawer.  I take inventory of my belongings before systematically figuring out an orderly plan and display method.
Right now, my latest project is that shoe closet I once shamelessly revealed on my blog.  I’m painting it fuschia, my color of the moment and I’m literally waiting for the paint to dry before I celebrate by adding my Imelda Marcos-like stiletto collection.  Moving in, settling in and decorating is my labor of love.


‘So how many shoes DO you own?’  Several nosy friends have practically pinned me down trying to force me to answer this uncomfortably pointed question.  To their disappointment, I answer like a stubborn FBI agent who has just been asked to release volatile governmental information.  “It’s top secret.”

Maybe it’s because shoes will always look great on, no matter how much water I’ve retained.  Maybe it’s because they instantly create a sexier posture, stance, and attitude.  Maybe it’s because there are so many styles, colors, textures, and trends to choose from.  Maybe it’s a sign of a developing foot fetish.  Or maybe it’s simply because I’m an incurable fashionista who craves anything stylish.   Whatever the reason, I love shoes and I’m starting to feel like a Korean Imelda Marcos.

But unlike Imelda’s widely publicized shoe count, my inventory count is top secret even to myself.  Strangely enough, my shoes are separated from each other, sitting in mini-collections rather than one enormous shoe museum like Imelda’s grand displays.  Gathering them all together in one lump sum and counting them is something I don’t dare do.  My guilty conscience couldn’t take it.  From the 3,220 YouTube videos revealing personal shoe collections though it seems others don’t have a problem with it.

I’m guessing that unlike me with my overly-sensible parents, Imelda must have grown up with parents who lavished her every fashion whim, understood the value of frivolous fashion items and even considered them a fun investment.  I imagine that Imelda must’ve grown up with lots of praise and adoration concerning her beautiful and ever-growing shoe collection.  Instead, I grew up having to defend my every shoe purchase.  ‘Why do you need another pair of black shoes,” my parents would desperately ask (and contribute to years of haunting shoe-purchase-guilt).

With this upbringing, I’ve tried to appease both the ‘Buy the shoe’ and ‘Why do you need another pair?’ voices in my head by only buying shoes that I really and truly love (the type of shoes that I will go to sleep dreaming about if I don’t have) and even then, I buy only when they’re on sale so I can help silence the guilt with the high of the deal.  Of course, this little mind-trick has led me to where I am today.   view earlier post to see a glimpse of my shoe closet (these are just my stilettos)

Maybe one day, I’ll get up the nerve to uncover the total number of shoes currently housed in separate areas of my apartment.   If I do, my next task will be to come to terms with my growing clothing collection…


This month’s O magazine caught my eye because Oprah was on the cover showing off shoes from her to-die-for shoe closet.   It reminded me of my earlier post on celebrity closets which attracted a lot of attention and so I had to capture the Oprah photos and share with you some additional closet photos (including MINE) as a follow-up.

photo from O Magazine

photo of Tamara Mellon (president of Jimmy Choo) from Tatler magazine

photo of Nanette Lapore (designer)'s closet from instyle magazine

photo of Kim Cattral's closet from InStyle magazine

photo of Jamie Lynn Sigler's closet from InStyle magazine

Here’s MY shoe closet (on a budget of course).  I made the shelving unit myself using an Ikea unit that I bought on sale They ran out of white shelving which is what I would have preferred but I didn’t care so much being that I knew it would be hidden behind the curtains shown here.  The sheer, white floor-to-ceiling curtain and wall-to-wall curtain rod were also inexpensive finds from Ikea.  The shoes, well they were all bought either on sale or were gifts from my lovely friends at Bloomies, Bruno Magli, Gucci and Ferragamo.

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